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Scientix 10th SPWatFCL Brussels 26-28 February 2016: "Game of Higher Mathematics"

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Presentation of "Game of Higher Mathematics", held during the 10th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab, Brussels, 26-28 February 2016

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Scientix 10th SPWatFCL Brussels 26-28 February 2016: "Game of Higher Mathematics"

  1. 1. Game of Higher Mathematics Project financed mainly by European Funds
  2. 2. Financed mainly by European Funds New building of the Faculty of Mathematics, 2012 Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science Warsaw University of Technology
  3. 3. Archipelago of Mathematics Math with fun
  4. 4. Elements of teaching and learning method
  5. 5. • The method is based on play, teamwork, cooperation and competition • Elements of virtual reality • The role of teacher - tutor and guide • Attractive elements outside the school curriculum • Demonstrating the role of mathematics in understanding the world and in professional activity
  6. 6. • Enabling users to contribute to the content and to shape the world of Archipelago • Developing mathematical skills with the use of digital tools
  7. 7. Teacher-tutor and guide • Teachers may have a direct access to the sites over the islands of Archipelago in order to prepare special itineraries and tasks • Using a teacher’s account they may assess the progress of their students
  8. 8. Discret Math Number Theory Analysis Set Theory Geometry …Algebra Archipelago – 6 Islands
  9. 9. An Island
  10. 10. An Island The Governors’ Palace Buldings for units
  11. 11. Multimedia materials • Unusual phenomena of mathematics • Interesting and understandable proofs • Presentations of mathematical fields • Mini-games • Applications of mathematics • Interviews • Biographies • 6 episodes of the movie Pirates About 400 films, games, etc.
  12. 12. barosz@mini.pw.edu.pl archipelag@mini.pw.edu.plarchipelagmatematyki.pl Thank you