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Inventing the future of media through human-curated big data

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Talk at DataWeek '13 by Guillaume Decugis, Co-Founder & CEO of Scoop.it.

Semantic technology was supposed to save us from information overload. But even though it has been around for years, so far, it failed. The Semantic Web or Web 3.0 is still Tim Berners-Lee's dream, and good old Web 2.0 keeps drowning us in oceans of content. While social media is certainly the cause of this deluge of information, it can also be its solution: first, as it provides us with a huge amount of data that we can use to qualify this information through big data technology; second, because it educated and created a need for millions to become human curators. By combining algorithms and humans, we reinvent media while bringing the meaning back to the Web.

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