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The future of brands as media

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This is a talk that our Co-Founder & CEO Guillaume Decugis gave at LeWeb 2013 and at the Cristal Festival in December.

While we've now seen the power of brand content, it remains very hard for even the largest brands to implement successfully. In addition, it doesn't solve the question of how to engage an audience on a daily basis. To do so, brands have to become media.

But how?

Very few companies can successfully become integrated media companies like RedBull for instance. Interestingly the media model itself changed over the last few years as we've seen with the success of the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed and Upworthy which all have in common that they don't produce all the content they publish. Content curation is the common keyword to these post Web 2.0 new media rockstars. In his talk, Guillaume considers the alternative it creates for brands and highlights case studies of successful implementations that leverage content curation as a way for brands to become media.

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  • I really like Scoop.It, but their instructions and tech support, not to mention the simple English/grammar and spelling mistakes on their website, make it difficult to use and also to trust. The single video that shows how to add the ScoopIt page to a site's subdomain ( and that ability costs $79.00/month under the business plan) sounds like it's narrated by a middle-schooler. Impressive product but frustrating to get up & running.

    For example, if you click on the 'Help' page, you get a video that shows you the highlights of ScoopIt. Where's the help in that?
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The future of brands as media

  1. The future of brands as media Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO Scoop.it @gdecugis
  2. Communication back then The Famous The Storytellers The Rest of Us @gdecugis “One to Many”
  3. Media creation & distribution 1000 BC 1200 AD 1848 AD Distribution @gdecugis
  4. Mass Media. Mass distribution, narrow creation. 1923 1940 1969 Distribution @gdecugis
  5. Internet > Mass Media Mass Distribution Mass Creation @gdecugis
  6. Information overload I’m talking to you! I’mlooking for you! @gdecugis
  7. Attention scarcity transformed content strategies “Content is king” Bill Gates Microsoft “Brands must become media to earn relevance” Brian Solis Altimeter Group @gdecugis
  8. A race to great content @gdecugis
  9. Where not even the sky is the limit @gdecugis
  10. Communication post Web 2.0 The Famous All of Us The Storytellers Content Curators Opportunity The Rest of Us @gdecugis All of Us
  11. ContentCurator ? “Someone who finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue” RohitBhargava Influencial Marketing Group “A Web Super Hero” Steve Rosenbaum Curation Nation @gdecugis
  12. Yes but does it work? @gdecugis
  13. Who are the new media rock stars? • Huffington Post: some creation, 3,000 contributors and a lot of curation – acquired for $315M by AOL • BuzzFeed: “We have a team working to understand why we share things” – 133M monthly uniques, $120M revenue projected for 2014 • Upworthy: curation, editing and… linkbait – 30M monthly uniques @gdecugis
  14. Scoop.it today 100M+ Cumulated unique visitors in 2 years 50M+ Curated content items Weekly Traffic @gdecugis
  15. Content curation What’s in it for brands? @gdecugis
  16. Engage an audience daily Orange Engage Facebook & Blog followers. Curated news channel added to Facebook and inside.orange.com @gdecugis
  17. Laser-focus on an audience segment La Poste Address e-commerce owners. Curated news channel integrated within e-commerce section of laposte.fr. 7x traffic growth in 3 months @gdecugis
  18. Make it a conversation EDF Problem: is my own content credible? Solution: Bring perspective and objectivity by adding curated content to edf.com corporate site. @gdecugis
  19. Build a community University of San Francisco Make students and faculty contribute to the brand’s message “Change the world from here”. Curate from the best from #usfcahashtag on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook… ~1,000 contributors in 9 months. @gdecugis
  20. The question is no longer if brands should become media But how? @gdecugis
  21. Become Media companies… … who monetize by selling soft-drinks / [Insert Product Name Here] @gdecugis
  22. Be a post Web 2.0 media All of Us Content Curators Your Brand All of Us @gdecugis
  23. Thank you! Guillaume Decugis Co-Founder & CEO Scoop.it Learn More @gdecugis