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Graphic Design- Non-Profit Annual Report

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Graphic Design- Non-Profit Annual Report

  1. 1. 2013 ANNUAL REPORT Project Intercept - Community Outreach - Street Ministry MPAUSTIN.ORG Connect. Equip. Transform.
  2. 2. Mission Mission: Possible! Austin exists to connect the Body of Christ across the greater Austin area with individuals in under-resourced areas for personal transformation through life-on-life relationships. Vision Mission: Possible! Austin’s vision is to see generational transformation in under-resourced areas through Christ-centered community development. Core Values Do Justice, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with God and man.
  3. 3. Our Story Inspired by successful inner-city programs in another town, and believing that something similar could happen in Austin, Tim Pinson Sr. started Mission: Possible! Austin in 1992. Modeled after Backyard Bible Clubs grown out of government housing complexes, Project Intercept was born to connect with children in East Austin. Then, in 1993, Church Under the Bridge began to meet once a month to reach Austin’s homeless population. At the same time, Camp Nikos, an idyllic outdoor summer camp began for at-risk children. In 1996, Mission: Possible! Austin became a 501c3 and the following year officially moved to its Eastside office once known as “Owen’s Garage.” In 2003, Mission: Possible! Austin purchased what is now the Mission: Possible! Community Center, and in 2007, we acquired two additional properties at East 12th and Chicon Street. This allowed us to stake a claim for profound good in the heart of East Austin. Now, over 20 years later, Mission: Possible! Austin has proven that if we can influence the WHOLE person—spiritually, emotionally, relationally, physically, and mentally—we can help affect lasting, real change to WHOLE communities, across WHOLE generations! Everything we do at Mission: Possible! Austin is geared toward building and nurturing life-on-life relationships. Our numerous programs center around these three categories: Project Intercept- Designed primarily for children and youth, Project Intercept meets weekly as well as having six camps a year, where volunteers connect with at-risk children and youth as positive and caring role models. Community Outreach- Focused on individuals and families in East Austin, Community Outreach includes everything from providing groceries for the homebound (B.A.G.S.), community home repairs (C.P.A.), and a Community Center that partners with many other Austin nonprofits. Street Ministry- Geared toward helping care for Austin’s homeless population, the Street Ministry’s primary venue has been Church Under the Bridge since 1993. In addition, we have “Beyond the Bridge” programs that include a weekly community Bible Study and dinner at the Mission: Possible! Community Center.
  4. 4. A Letter From Our Executive Director I want to personally thank you for your faithful support of our ministry to the East Austin community. Donors and volunteers, as well as the people they reach, become the recipients of the transformation that God allows to happen - what we call the gift of reconciliation. With our ongoing children’s programs, presence in the community and ministry to the individuals living on the streets, there are many opportunities for the Body of Christ in Austin to connect and be involved in someone’s life; someone may even be looking for a friend like you. Success in the Kingdom does not always mean changing where or how people live. Instead, it is focused on helping people develop Godly character and trusting Him to change external circumstances as He deems necessary. Over the last two years we have seen significant external changes in the central East Austin community. The 50-year-old “open air drug market” is no longer thriving. Community organizations are partnering with law enforcement to allow this transition to have a positive impact on the lives of those once lost in hopeless strongholds. Our Big Fish Clubs are pursuing new opportunities in community housing developments and schools by modeling effective ways to care for children that will leave a long term impact. Our long awaited dream to bring economic development to this once thriving community is quickly becoming a reality. What was once a tavern and brothel will now serve as a coffee shop, bakery and food trailer court that will bring needed services to this growing community. In addition, it will create about twenty-five jobs, giving individuals from all walks of life an opportunity to earn an honest wage. God has called us to this region of Austin (78702), placed us strategically on this street corner (12th & Chicon), and asked us to reach this community. Thanks again for your faithful prayers and contributions to this vital ministry. Tim Pinson Sr. Mission: Possible! Austin Executive Director
  5. 5. It was lights out on the last night of Camp Nikos, but my Camp Buddy Ben and his friend Kevon were still talking to each other in a whisper. I decided to join them. Casual conversation quickly turned into 100 questions. They asked if I had ever drank alcohol or did drugs, and wanted to know where I came from. It quickly became an opportunity to share my testimony with these boys who had already faced some difficult challenges in their lives. I shared about my mistakes and several of my friends who are in gangs or in prison because of their choices, which led me to discuss the way God saved me and transformed my life. Without missing a beat, Kevon started sharing about his life. In a wonderfully surprising moment, Kevon asked if he could pray for me. I joyfully responded yes, and we bowed our heads and closed our eyes. Ben reached across to hug me as Kevon took off his hat and placed his hand on my head. It was a genuinely sweet moment. He immediately began to thank God for me and for saving me from my past. He prayed that my friends would know God, and continued to pray the Gospel into my life. That night was proof of the Holy Spirit transforming these kids before my eyes. God is working in the lives of these kids, and I’m so thankful that he’s using me to help. Jon Rector, Nikos Counselor Faith Like a Child Children Reached.........................................205 Familes Participating in Programs.................114 Weekly Volunteers..........................................82 Camp Volunteers............................................90 Camps Held Annually.......................................6 Restoration Art Center Weekly Volunteers.....10 Restoration Art Center Participants...............45 2013 Project Intercept Expenses........$228,207 Designed primarily for children and youth, Project Intercept meets weekly as well as having six camps a year, where volunteers connect with at-risk children and youth as positive and caring role models. 2013 Project Intercept Statistics Letter From a Nikos Counselor Project Intercept Programs Include: Fuze, Big Fish Club, Big Fish Art Day, Nikos Camping, The Restoration Art Center, Little Fish Club and Big Fish Gardening
  6. 6. Sam Cole found Mission: Possible! Austin after hearing Pastor Duane Severance preach on the corner of 6th and Congress in 2003. Ever since, he’s been a fighting force for the Kingdom and an absolute blessing to Mission: Possible! Austin. After walking away from what Sam calls a “hard lifestyle,” and into the Mission: Possible! Austin family, Sam took over the upkeep of the gardens behind the Mission: Possible! Community Center at 12th and Chicon. He’ll tell you that he grows veggies, eats a few, and waters and breeds plants, but Sam does so much more than just take care of a garden. He shares the passionate joy of Jesus with each person who visits, and won’t let anyone walk away from a conversation without mak- ing sure they know about the salvation God offers them. Where Sam really shines, though, is in his photography. He takes brilliant pictures of the beauty God has created for us to enjoy. He’ll tell you that he takes pictures with Romans 1:20 in mind, quoting “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities - His eternal power and divine nature - have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” Sam works in a great many ways for the good of the Kingdom. He is a shining example of what Street Ministry should look like: people so impacted by the Gospel, that they might turn and impact others themselves. Sam Cole 2013 Street Ministry Statistics Weekly Church Under the Bridge Attendees.........250 Monthly Host Churches..............................................7 Weekly Church Under the Bridge Volunteers...........40 Meals Served Annually........................................7200 Sleeping Bags Passed Out....................................300 Great Thanksgiving Banquet Meals Served........600 Annual Outreach at 12 & Chicon Volunteers.........300+ People Reached at Community Center Daily.........40+ 2013 Street Ministry Expenses......................$122,398 Geared toward helping care for Austin’s homeless population, the Street Ministry’s primary venue has been Church Under the Bridge since 1993. In addition, we also have “Beyond the Bridge” programs that include a weekly community Bible Study and dinner at the Mission: Possible! Community Center. Street Ministry Participant Street Ministry Programs Include: Church Under the Bridge, Beyond the Bridge and Outreach at 12th & Chicon
  7. 7. Doris Roland might be the sweetest lady you’ll ever meet. She’s lived in East Austin for years, just a short distance from Mission: Possible! Austin’s front door. Doris has spent the last eight and a half years serving with Mission: Possi- ble! Austin’s B.A.G.S. program, which delivers boxes of food to those who need it most in the East Austin community. The B.A.G.S. program is an excellent way to support people in need, but Doris has gone a step further, developing incredible relationships with the people she serves. Several of her clients even have a chair in their living room reserved just for Doris - excellent opportunities for talking, serving and showing Christ’s love. On top of Doris’ loving attitude, she often goes out of her way to serve her clients. She’ll personally deliver hot meals on Thanksgiving, and even gives her own items when the need arises. Doris loves the people where she lives, and is deeply appreciated by them all. Food Deliveries each Month........................................45 Weekly B.A.G.S. Volunteers.........................................12 Annual Service Projects at Community Center.............11 His-Story Volunteers....................................................50 His-Story Attendees...................................................300 People Reached Through Strategic Partners..........1,175 2013 Community Outreach Expenses.................$65,871 Focused on individuals and families in East Austin, Community Outreach includes everything from providing groceries for the homebound (B.A.G.S.), community home re- pairs (C.P.A.), and a Community Center that partners with many other Austin nonprofits. 2013 Community Outreach Statistics A Chair for Doris B.A.G.S. Volunteer Hope Medical Clinic Doctors: 5 Nurses: 10 Volunteers: 40 Monthly Appointments: People Reached: 590 Life Anew Anger Management & Restorative Justice Anger Management Participants: 75 Volunteers: 2 Weekly Meetings: 3 Restorative Process Participants: 100 Chicon Pregnancy Resource Center Staff: 3 Volunteers: 15 People Reached: 485 Community Outreach Programs Include: B.A.G.S. (Food Delivery), C.P.A. (Home Repair), His-Story (Live Nativity), Strategic Partners (Hope Medical Clinic, Life Anew and Chicon Pregnancy Resource Center) *Dental Facilities ready to open, contigent upon Dental Strategic Partnership
  8. 8. Volunteer Contributions Project Intercept Volunteer Hours 32,611 Street Ministry Volunteer Hours 11,560 Community Outreach Volunteer Hours 4,552 Total Volunteer Hours..............48,723 Volunteer Value Added....$1,140,118 Total Expenses....................$479,884 Calculations The numbers above are based upon the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Texas Standard for value per volunteer hour. Your continued donations are being used effectively to further the Kingdom, and to help ensure the success of the East Austin Community. $1 donation equals $2.37 in value added to Mission: Possible! Austin Ministries
  9. 9. Internships at MP Austin In step with our mission to equip individuals towards God’s calling on their life, Mission: Possible! Austin has many internship positions available. Internships are offered in Communications, Storytelling, Development, and in each pillar of Mission: Possible! Austin’s ministry. As an organization we partner with other area nonprofits, churches, and universities to provide these opportunities. These organizations include Austin Community College and Hill Country Bible Church. We also hope to offer year-round residencies in the near future. Our interns garner support, plan and lead various Project Intercept programs, help reach the homeless community, and aid in putting together marketing and communication materials! It is clear that God is using the next generation of students to serve the city of Austin. The Mission: Possible! Austin staff and interns alike are excited to be part of the transformation taking place in the under-resourced areas of Austin. In addition to partnering with local nonprofits and churches to find new interns, Mission: Possible! Austin is beginning to equip members of the East Austin community to serve as interns themselves. There are few things more beautiful than seeing a high-school or college student whose future once looked bleak begin to serve their community in a consistent and fruitful manner. We are incredibly proud of our interns and the work they are doing, and cannot wait to see how God uses them in the future! 2013 Internship Statistics Interns......................................................................9 Hours Served..........................................................2,560+ Value Added to Mission: Possible! Austin.............$59,904
  10. 10. Mission: Possible! Austin Economic Development Plan Phase 1 2003 Phase 2 2007 Phase 3 2013-2014 Phase 4 2014-2015 Community Center Purchased Operation with Partners Begins 1816 & 1818 12th Street Property Purchased Gandalf’s Prayer Cafe, Offices & Potter’s Hand Open 1206 & 1208 Chicon Street Property Purchased Build Haddie’s Food Trailer Court 1816 & 1818 12th Street Renovation Partner with Local Coffee Shop Open 12th Street Bakery Projected Additional Cost to Complete $102,146 Total Funding to Date $97,845 Haddie’s Food Trailer Court September 2014 Coffee Shop / January 2015 12th Street Bakery / Spring 2015 Complete Complete Completion Dates
  11. 11. 12th Street Development Challenges The 12th Street Development project has not gone without challenges. We are currently working to align our development of 1816 & 1818 12th Street with the regulations of the City of Austin, an often frustrating task. However, we are constantly reminded of the good this development will bring, and how signifcant the task is. The amount of resources and man-power required to accomplish Phases 3 & 4 is great, but with God all things are Possible! Initial Jobs Created 25 Local Businesses Supported 5
  12. 12. Mission: Possible! Austin Community Friends “Now God who provides seed for the sower and bread for food will provide and multiply your supply of seed and will cause the harvest of your righteousness to grow. You will be enriched in every way so that you may be generous on every occasion, which is producing through us thanksgiving to God, because the service of this ministry is not only providing for the needs of the saints but is also overflowing with many thanks to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:10-12
  13. 13. Fundraising & Sustainability Actual Income $470,801 ActualExpenses $479,884 Difference -$9,083* Debt Free Assets Including Building & Land.........$1,052,883 Partnering Churches Individual Donors Businesses Faith Budget Operation Mission: Possible! Austin operates on a faith budget. We have no guarantees for future funding. Our projected budget is based solely on history. The income stream is strictly a forecast of what we are asking the Lord to supply. Over the years, the Board of Directors has managed a cash reserve in order to maintain the fiduciary needs of the ministry. By faith, we have set our spending limit at approximately $43,000 per month. Each month demands prayer and prudence on the behalf of the Mission: Possible! Austin Staff and Board of Directors. This ministry is sustained by God leading His people to give to this vital ministry. This year, we operated on an Actual Income nearly $50,000 less than budgeted. When our funding equals our budget, we will be able to more adequately address the transformation taking place in the East Austin Community. Your donations are crucial to this ministry’s funding and future. Fundraising & Administration $63,407 Distribution of Actual Expenses Project Intercept $228,207 $122,398 $65,871 $479,884 Includes 50% of General Ministry Budget Street Ministry Includes 30% of General Ministry Budget Community Outreach Includes 20% of General Ministry Budget Sources of Income Faith Budget $517,833 *taken from residual funds 75% 15% 10% $70,620 $353,101 $47,080
  14. 14. Partnerships Strategic Partners Ministry Partners Business & Church Sponsors IBM Your Cause, LLC Safeway, Inc. National Instruments Austin Community Foundation Austin Fuel Injection & Performance Alley Enterprises Calverley Family Living Trust Chick-fil-A Cyr Maintenance Denver Mattress, LLC Emeth Enterprises, Inc. GO, Inc. Leonard Family Corporation Network For Good Printer Connection, Inc. Redemption Home Solutions, LLC Sigma Phi Lambda Victory Services Asian American Campus Ministry Compass Christian Church Hope in the City Hyde Park Baptist Church Rolling Hills Community Church St. Phillip’s United Methodist Church University Lutheran Church Waste Partners
  15. 15. Tim Pinson Sr. Executive Director & Founder Current Board of Directors & Staff Chairman of the Board Craig Parks Board Members Tony Budet Brett Horvath Deborah Leverett Rick Villani Staff Megan Canney Organization & Development Coordinator Lyndsey Sweeney Project Intercept & Family Outreach Director Shelley Schreyer Restoration Art Center Director Dale Swafford Facilities & Maintenance Beau Hamner Street Ministry Director Mike Featherstone Street Ministry Liason Billie Robinson Office Manager Bill Schreyer Community Outreach & Operations Director Cameron Post Facilities & Maintenance Donna Schubkegel Accounting
  16. 16. Mailing Address: Mission: Possible! Austin P.O. Box 142076 Austin, TX 78714 Physical Address: Mission: Possible! Austin 1190 Chicon Austin, TX 78702 facebook.com/mpaustin twitter.com/mpaustin MPAUSTIN.ORG info@mpaustin.org 512.494.0953 2013 Annual Report