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Choose Your WoW! DevOps in the Enterprise

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In agile we like to say that teams should own their own process by choosing their way of working, their “WoW.” Not only is this true of agile software development teams, it is also true for DevOps. DevOps in the enterprise is interesting because there is more to it that Dev + Ops: we also have DevSecOps, BizDevOps, and Database DevOps to take into consideration, not to mention the realities of support and release management in an established enterprise. Because every organization is different, one strategy, one “process size”, does not fit all. Worse yet, every organization faces a changing environment within which it operates, so not only does it need a WoW that meets its current needs it needs to know how to evolve that WoW as its situation evolves.

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Choose Your WoW! DevOps in the Enterprise

  1. 1. © Disciplined Agile Consortium 1 Choose Your WoW: DevOps in the Enterprise
  2. 2. Scott Ambler •  Helps enterprise-class organizations around the world to improve their processes and organization structures •  Thought leader of: Agile Modeling (AM) and Agile Data (AD) •  Co-creator of the Disciplined Agile (DA) framework •  Author of 20+ books •  scott [at] scottambler.com •  Advisory Board Member –  SEMAT –  ScaleFree –  Architectural Thinking Framework © Disciplined Agile Consortium - @scottwambler 2 @scottwambler
  3. 3. Agenda •  Why DevOps? •  “Classic” DevOps •  Views on DevOps •  Defining Disciplined DevOps •  The DevOps Mindset •  Choosing Your WoW! •  Questions and Answers © Disciplined Agile Consortium 3
  4. 4. Why DevOps? •  Decreased time to market (reduced cycle time) •  Decreased cost to deploy •  Improved mean time between deployments (deploy more often) •  Improved quality •  Improved market competitiveness •  Improved decision making © Disciplined Agile Consortium 4
  5. 5. “Classic” DevOps © Disciplined Agile Consortium 5
  6. 6. One View: Continuous Delivery •  Practices: –  Automated regression testing –  Continuous integration (CI) –  Continuous deployment (CD) –  Canary tests –  Split (A/B) tests •  Operations-friendly features: –  Feature toggles –  Feature-level access control –  Built-in monitoring –  Self testing –  Self recovery © Disciplined Agile Consortium 6
  7. 7. A Better View: Agile Delivery + Operations © Disciplined Agile Consortium •  Multi-modal approach to software development •  Operations activities are also streamlined and “leaned out” •  Some teams will adopt a “you build it, you run it” philosophy, but a common operational infrastructure still required 7 Agile Lean Continuous Delivery: Agile Continuous Delivery: Lean Exploratory IT OperationsProgra m
  8. 8. The BizDevOps Vision © Disciplined Agile Consortium 8
  9. 9. The DevSecOps Vision © Disciplined Agile Consortium 9
  10. 10. The DataDevOps/DevDataOps Vision © Disciplined Agile Consortium 10
  11. 11. Explicit Release Management and Supports © Disciplined Agile Consortium 11
  12. 12. Our View: Disciplined DevOps © Disciplined Agile Consortium 12
  13. 13. Disciplined DevOps: A Definition Disciplined DevOps is the streamlining of IT solution development and IT operations activities, along with supporting enterprise-IT activities such as Security and Data Management, to provide more effective outcomes to an organization © Disciplined Agile Consortium 13
  14. 14. The DevOps Mindset 1.  Streamline the end-to-end flow 2.  Reduce the feedback cycle 3.  Flexible people 4.  Multidisciplinary “generalizing specialists” 5.  Standardized infrastructure 6.  Automation and tools 7.  Standardized development guidelines 8.  You build it, you run it © Disciplined Agile Consortium 14
  15. 15. © Disciplined Agile Consortium 15 Choosing Your WoW!
  16. 16. Adopting a Prescriptive Method Helps a Bit © Disciplined Agile Consortium 16
  17. 17. Continuous Improvement © Disciplined Agile Consortium 17 Identify a Potential Improvement Experiment with the new WoW Assess Effectiveness Adopt the new WoW Abandon the new WoW Share Learnings with Others
  18. 18. Continuous Improvement is Longer Lasting © Disciplined Agile Consortium 18
  19. 19. Guided Continuous Improvement © Disciplined Agile Consortium 19 Identify a Potential Improvement Experiment with the new WoW Assess Effectiveness Adopt the new WoW Abandon the new WoW Share Learnings with Others Apply the Disciplined Agile (DA) toolkit to identify better options
  20. 20. It Works Even Better With Light-Weight Guidance © Disciplined Agile Consortium 20
  21. 21. You Can Combine Strategies © Disciplined Agile Consortium 21
  22. 22. Choice is Good: Lifecycles © Disciplined Agile Consortium 22 Agile Lean Continuous Delivery: Agile Continuous Delivery: Lean Exploratory Progra m
  23. 23. Choice is Good: Process Goals © Disciplined Agile Consortium 23 DAD is Goal-Driven, Not Prescriptive
  24. 24. Goal: Govern Delivery Team © Disciplined Agile Consortium 24
  25. 25. 25 Goal: Accelerate Value Delivery
  26. 26. Choice is Good: Process Blades © Disciplined Agile Consortium 26
  27. 27. © Disciplined Agile Consortium 27
  28. 28. © Disciplined Agile Consortium 28
  29. 29. Our Focus Here is DevOps – Don’t Forget the Big Picture © Disciplined Agile Consortium 29
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  36. 36. Disciplined Agilists Take a Goal-Driven Approach © Disciplined Agile Consortium 36 Goal Decision Point Advantages Disadvantages Considerations * Option Default Option * Explore the Initial Scope Form the Initial Team Address Changing Stakeholder Needs Source Evolution strategy Size Structure Member skills Completeness Longevity Geographic distribution Support the team Availability Indicates a preference for the options towards the top Co-located Partially dispersed Distributed subteams Fully dispersed