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WKU Presentation_Fusion and AAA

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WKU Presentation_Fusion and AAA

  1. 1. Fusion Media Group | Center for Innovation and Engagement Community Liaisons Nick Gilyard and Scottie Ellis
  2. 2. Fusion, a multi-platform media network championing a young, diverse and inclusive America, approaches news and entertainment through a lens that celebrates all voices in today's world. With a staff that is 60% non-white, Fusion doesn't just talk about diversity - Fusion embodies it. From TVs, to news feeds, to whatever comes next, Fusion is creating award-winning, critically acclaimed content that's smart, irreverent, entertaining, and above all - authentic. Visit Fusion.net to see more.
  3. 3. Community Liaison Overview • Create strategy to build relationship management and outreach system for Fusion Media Group projects to build audience(s) and partnerships. • Built beta database for management of relationships including non-profits, influencers and organizations. • Developed process for coordinating outreach strategies through growth editors, social teams, producers, editors and journalists across FMG. • Research contacts and connect them with FMG projects to increase shares / build views, click through rate and audience(s)
  4. 4. Example of shares by groups we researched and worked to develop relationships with.
  5. 5. Why are we here
  6. 6. As American As Tour
  7. 7. As American As Tour Nationwide tour dedicated to celebrating diversity and introducing college students to Fusion Developed strategic plan for FMG’s national ‘As American As’ 13 campus tour to build awareness of Fusion as a media source for college students. Cultivated relationships with individual campuses, created and delivered student outreach strategies and served as on-the-ground representative during installation. Efforts drove over 9,000 students to attend tour. Installation took age-old saying ‘As American As’ and updated it to represent the true faces of American today and to celebrate diversity.
  8. 8. Fusion.net