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LiveScribe - Virtual Medical Scribes

LiveScribe gives healthcare providers flexibility in their clinical documentation process and connects providers to trained virtual medical scribes at the same time as the patient encounter.

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LiveScribe - Virtual Medical Scribes

  1. 1. Enabling providers to focus on what matters most - Patient Care!
  2. 2. With our flexible technology-driven solutions you can have a workflow tailored to your specific needs. We offer complementary solutions designed to facilitate an optimal workflow vs. cost tradeoff. LiveScribe – when you need things done now. (Synchronous Chart Completion) ✓ Get encounters documented, orders entered, and information updated in real time. ✓ A remote Scribe securely listens to the patient-provider encounter and follows instructions to complete whatever is needed. ✓ Providers can watch what the scribe is doing. ✓ This provides much more secure and non-invasive presence than an on-site scribe, and without all the headaches and cost. ChartScribe – when things can wait (Asynchronous Chart Completion) ✓ If you prefer to document your encounters after seeing a patient at your convenience. ✓ Record the encounter using ScribeMobile whenever you want and our ChartScribe will take care of all the rest. LiveScribe and ChartScribe – when you need flexibility ✓ Use LiveScribe to get orders entered immediately and then ChartScribe to document the rest of the encounter at your convenience. Our workflow engineers will help you leverage both to get the right solution for you. Both solutions offer the same features & benefits. The only difference is the turnaround time and price.
  3. 3. An Intelligent Platform in Your Hands
  4. 4. Watch our video about LiveScribe All the features of ScribeMobile and more……
  5. 5. Engaging with a Virtual Live Scribe gives the patient the provider’s focus during encounters. At anytime the session can be muted or private notifications or texts can be exchanged between the provider and the virtual scribe. ✓ Record the Encounter ✓ Order Diagnostic Tests ✓ Order Blood Work ✓ Prescribe Medications Live Entry, Requests, and Communication directly in the EMR
  6. 6. LiveScribe Works On Your Device ● iOS ● Android ● Phone ● Tablet Choose the device that works for you!
  7. 7. Virtual Charting Example During the patient encounter, the Live Scribe will login remotely into EMR to select the correct templates and fulfill all tasks and notes in the appropriate sections per the provider’s instructions.
  8. 8. Solutions Pricing Model Pros and Cons Traditional Transcription Per line charge Pros: Natural speech, can use phone, recorder, ScribeMobile app, easily scalable Cons: Staff must cut & paste notes or scan/import into EMR, allows for limited data capture, slower turn around Voice Recognition Software One-time cost or monthly subscription Pros: Fast turn-around-time, low cost, captures discrete data Cons: Requires slow conscious speech, physician must proof results, Mic required, must be at computer and logged into EMR, IT issues Onsite Scribe Employed or outside service with employment contract Pros: Real-time data capture Cons: Additional people in room with patient, pay for full day, backup coverage if absent, other HR issues Scribe’s Chart Completion Solutions One-time cost or monthly subscription Pros: Natural speech, easily adaptable to workflow, ScribeMobile allows location flexibility, pay ONLY for what is used, easily scalable, limits physician interaction within EMR, captures discrete data Comparative Analysis
  9. 9. Management 23% Medical Care 32% Clerical 45% Documentation 24% Order Entry 12% Billing and Coding 4% System Security 3%Administrative 2% Chart Review - notes 17% Chart Review - Medications 7%Problem List 3% Chart Review - Laboratories 3% EBM, Point of Care 1% Chart Review –… Refills and Results 15% MyChart Portal 6% Telephone Call 2% Letter Generation 1% Almost 50% of a provider’s time is spent on clerical work. If you want to reduce that time, Scribe’s Solutions can help. Source: Annals of Family Medicine – Tethered to the EHR Detailed Survey Results
  10. 10. Sharing Our Success! “Our physicians are really attached to Scribe. Reports are accessible a few minutes after they are finished, and the system is faster, accurate, and no longer wasteful.” “I’m happy to see my doctors happy again thanks to Scribe!” “I love working with the team at Scribe!” “This service is catered to each one of my doctors’ needs and workflows with ongoing communications and consistent turnaround times.”
  11. 11. Let our workflow Specialists tailor a solution for you! Start with a free NO RISK trial and start seeing improvements in productivity, profitability, and patient care. For more information about Scribe and how our Solutions help, see the following slides and our website. 833.472.7423 | scribe.com | sales@scribe.com
  12. 12. The Value We Bring Scribe has been delivering technology and healthcare solutions for more than 25 years. Through our native cloud-based enterprise solutions, Scribe assists all types of healthcare providers in various practice environments. Creating, coding, and managing medical records, providing greater efficiency and more flexible workflows resulting in higher practice revenue and producing better patient outcomes. Our tools provide efficient functionality for streamlining back office processes. Our depth of experience enables us to tailor our products and services to meet the unique challenges of your practice. Scribe will restore and improve the provider’s daily productivity. With unrivaled dedication to support you, we will liberate and effectively assist the provider with meeting industry regs and requirements. Scribe enables healthcare providers to focus on what matters most - patient care.