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Arash Arabi - A guide to multi-organisational distributed scrum

Scrum Australia 2016

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Arash Arabi - A guide to multi-organisational distributed scrum

  1. 1. Why is it harder? Key factors Implementation Rules of thumb
  2. 2. It all comes down to communication
  3. 3. Richer Poorer
  4. 4. Have trust budget. Travel and co-locate frequently this builds trusts and maintains trust. Have human connection, meet often, spend time together, work together, have social events. Work on few smaller projects or pilot projects with low risk of failure. Be genuine, honest and transparent, don’t be a salesperson. Take responsibility for mistakes and avoid the blame game. Be clear on what the common goal is.
  5. 5. AvailableEmpowered Domain ExpertStakeholder Manager
  6. 6. Deliver (or demo) every sprint Have a cross functional team Inspect and adapt every sprint
  7. 7. Longer Shorter
  8. 8. Distributed projects have higher risk Scrum increases productivity Focus on improving communication and trust Travel and co-locate frequently Use technology to the fullest Get training Inspect and adapt
  9. 9. • • • • • • •