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The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media Media...'Great Success'

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What can we learn from Borat about social media? For starters, consumers don't just want information or entertainment, today they want infotainment.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media Media...'Great Success'

  1. The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media ‘Great Success’ @SearchDecoder
  2. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder http://i.imgur.com/yoUCddg.jpg
  3. 3 @SearchDecoder Before Borat discovered social media Information Entertainment $$$$$ $$$$$
  4. 4 Barriers to Entry, Gatekeepers, Auditions…. @SearchDecoder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE-gkKdd0_Q&feature=kp
  5. 5 Interviews, rejections, compliance… @SearchDecoder
  6. 6 @SearchDecoder Social media changed that There is no need for permission
  7. 7 No barriers to entry to reach the masses, no gatekeepers @SearchDecoder
  8. 8 The rise of the social media ‘solopreneur’ @SearchDecoder
  9. 9 Read this post https://medium.com/personal-brand/d5e0a3c3b7a4 @SearchDecoder
  10. 10 @SearchDecoder Infotainement is the next gold rush Information EntertainmentInfotainment $$$$$$ $$
  11. 11 Consumers don’t want just information or just entertainment. They want infotainment. @SearchDecoder
  12. 12
  13. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder 5 Social Media Tips to Get You Started
  14. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder Establish Credentials http://i.imgur.com/gIEBPw9.jpg
  15. 15 Social media profiles! and copy! ! Human or spam?! ! Can I trust you?! ! Image and branding! ! First impression! ! Storytelling @SearchDecoder Stand out by being human
  16. 16 Don’t be an Egg, be human
  17. Professional picture Short URL Min. 500 connections Descriptive, keyword-rich tagline Experience & education Following @SearchDecoder Optimize every field
  18. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder Build! Credibility
  19. 19 Do things, tell people! ! Interviews, AMA, chats! ! Public speaking! ! Associations! ! Ebooks, blogs, etc! ! Media mentions! ! Side projects @SearchDecoder
  20. 20 @SearchDecoder Take advantage of Linkedin and SlideShare content tools
  21. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder Build a ! Tribe
  22. 22 @SearchDecoder Audience vs. Community ! (you can buy likes, but community you need to earn) Audience Community
  23. 23 Convert audience to community! ! Measuring community! ! Engagement rate?! ! Triggers?! ! Community tools ! (Triberr, Comment Luv, etc) @SearchDecoder Get Book
  24. 24 @SearchDecoder
  25. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder Make Friends ! Fast http://i.imgur.com/gIEBPw9.jpg
  26. 26 How to make friends! ! Act like a user, follow, ask, answer! ! Retweet, like, comment! ! Follow to be followed! ! Answer to get asked! ! Be interested to be interesting @SearchDecoder
  27. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 @SearchDecoder Show your work
  28. 28 @SearchDecoder
  29. 29 Show your work! ! Do things you like, tell others about it! ! Haven’t done, don’t preach, ask! ! Teach to learn! ! Create art! ! Become a documentarian @SearchDecoder Get Book
  30. 30 Play to your strengths! ! Good writer? Blog, Medium, Ebook! ! Professional? SlideShare, Linkedin! ! Designer? Behance, Pinterest! ! Photographer? Instagram! ! Radio host? Podcast, Stitcher! ! Presenter? YouTube! @SearchDecoder
  31. 31 Intensity beats extensity Focus your efforts playing to your strengths Tier 1! Native Blog! Twitter! SlideShare! Reddit! Quora! Medium! YouTube Tier 2! Sharing Facebook! StumbleUpon! Digg! Delicious! Pinterest! Tumblr! Linkedin Considerations Open or closed?! Waterfall or curated feed?! Does it have a homepage?! Can I hack it?! Supports SEO?! Do I have the skills required?! ! Example
  32. Whoever you are and whatever you do, your number one job is to build your credibility on the Internet through native content and social connections. ! In a world where 80% of consumers Google a product or service before purchasing it, invisibility is a fate much worse than failure. @SearchDecoder
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  34. 34 Marketing Like It’s 2014 - Click to Read @SearchDecoder
  35. *Average for top four global clients for 2012 Matt@SearchDecoder.com! ! SearchDecoder.com! ! @SearchDecoder! ! ! @SearchDecoder