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Creating Image Ads in Google and Facebook By Laura Thieme

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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 1-3, 2016. SESSION: Getting Images Right In Paid Search. PRESENTATION: Creating Image Ads in Google and Facebook - Given by Laura Thieme, @bizwatchlaura - Bizwatch, CEO. #SMX #31B

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Creating Image Ads in Google and Facebook By Laura Thieme

  1. 1. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura With or without a Designer Creating Image Ads in Google & Facebook
  2. 2. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Text Ads Are Still Important
  3. 3. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura
  4. 4. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Easy Ways to Create Image Ads in Google
  5. 5. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura •  Image  Gallery  Ad   •  Image  &  videos  (or  only   videos)   •  Image  Gallery  Ad     •  Up  to  10  images  per  ad   •  Add  Captions  (3  lines)  for  each  image   •  Landing  page  for  each  image   •  Super  easy  to  retrieve  images   •  Upload  your  own  images     Take Advantage of Lightbox Image Ads
  6. 6. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Choose multiple images
  7. 7. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura •  Certify  you  have  the  right  to   utilize  images  commercially   •  Choose  the  image  you  want   Insert Site URL With Image
  8. 8. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Pull Image from Client’s Site URL
  9. 9. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura OR, create custom image 1024x1050, 200 ppi, <1.25mb
  10. 10. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura GOOD
  11. 11. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura BETTER
  12. 12. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura A
  13. 13. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura B
  14. 14. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura •  Prefer  red  button  with  text  (Order  Now)   •  Need  ability  to  make  that  gray  button  POP  with  color  (red,  green   or  blue)   Lightbox Image Ads Still Need Two Major Improvements
  15. 15. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura •  Lightbox  image  ads  take  longer  to  create     •  Lightbox  ads  enable  non-­‐graphic  designer  to  create  professional   visually  stunning  ads  that  convert   •  If  you  don’t  enjoy  making  image  ads   •  Hire  someone  who  does   •  You  might  need  to  re-­‐shoot  the  product  images   •  Tell  photographer  &  designers  your  specs  and  what  you  envision   Warning:
  16. 16. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Lightbox Image Ad Sizes Lightbox  Ready  AD   SIZES   IDEAL  ORIGINAL   IMAGE  SPECS   160x600   1024  x  1050   250x250   300x250   File  Size  <200KB  OR   1.25MB   300x600   320x50   Pixels:    200  ppi   468x60   728x90  
  17. 17. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Don’t forget to preview your image ads in all sizes
  18. 18. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura •  Canva.com  –  create  your   custom  header  image   •  Buttonoptimizer.com  –   create  your  green  button   Nearly free online tools to create custom images Lightbox  Custom  Header  Image  Specs   350x75   900x125   1200x150  
  19. 19. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura If  you  ever  use  Google  images  …  you   might  get  a  demand  for  $2,500  a  year   later  ...  Negotiate  a  settlement  for  $750  ...     •  And  then  make  sure  you  always  create   your  own  images  or  use  a  licensed   image     •  And  then  make  sure  it  includes  your   own  footprint  so  someone  can’t  claim   its  their  image  years  later   Copyrighted images
  20. 20. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Facebook  Image   Ads   Boosted  Posts   News  feed  image   size   1200  x  900   Text  in  Image   <20%  of  image   Right  column  image   size   254  x  133  pixels   Use  images  from   your  URL   Easy   Custom  images   Upload  same  images   you  made  for  Google   adWords  Lightbox   ads   Boost  your  post   For  as  little  as  $5   Facebook Images
  21. 21. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura
  22. 22. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Preview and/or Remove Ad/Image Sizes You Don’t Like
  23. 23. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Some disadvantages with Facebook Ads Manager •  Not  as  easy  as  FB  to  manage   multiple  accounts   •  Have  yet  to  be  assigned  to  a   really  strong  ad  rep     •  It  would  be  nice  if  you  could   draft  an  image  ad,  without   placing  the  order,  simply   saving  the  ad  for  later  use.    
  24. 24. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura KPIs Ultimate Test of Text vs Image Ads Google  AdWords   CTR   Conversions   CVR   View-­‐Through   Conversions   Display  Ad   .35   399   6.9%   3,393   Text   .43   94   4.7%   0  
  25. 25. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura Reach  me  on  Twitter  –  or  in  my   office  on  Monday     Laura  Thieme   Need Help with Increasing Paid Search Conversion Rates?
  26. 26. #SMX #31B @BizwatchLaura SEE YOU AT THE NEXT #SMX! THANK YOU!