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What We've Learned Managing Mazda USA's Enterprise SEM Over 5 Years by Tad Miller

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From SMX East 2013 / SearchMarketingExpo.com - Maximizing Enterprise PPC - What We've Learned Managing Mazda USA's Enterprise SEM Over 5 Years @jstaTad - #SMX #32D

Slide deck from Tad Miller of SearchMojo's presentation on managing enterprise SEM over 5 years, 30,000,000+ clicks on paid search ads.

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What We've Learned Managing Mazda USA's Enterprise SEM Over 5 Years by Tad Miller

  1. 1. 5 YEARS, 30,000,000 CLICKS # Tad Miller SearchMojo @JstaTad #SMX #32D October 3, 2013 WHAT WE’VE LEARNED MANAGING SEM FOR MAZDA #
  2. 2. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo OUR HISTORY WITH MAZDA USA • 5 Years • 30,000,000 + Clicks • Generated hundreds of thousands of Quote Requests • Grew the budget over 265% in that 5 years • Worked for 5 different agencies
  3. 3. THE GARAGE IS A GREAT PLACE FOR AUTOMOTIVE PPC • Search Mojo literally started in the room above my Garage in 2006. • It was in that room in 2006 we began managing Mazda USA SEO and later in 2007 that we began managing Mazda USA PPC.
  6. 6. THE MAZDA REVOLVING DOOR • With attrition it’s hard to tell the players without a program…the only consistency over 5 years was us. We reported to all of these people over 5 years
  7. 7. THE PROBLEMS WITH ENTERPRISE PPC • Serving many masters – Internal Departments • Legal, Marketing, Branding, IT, etc. – External Agencies • Lack of Communication between Silos • Lack of Understanding of the Ad Medium – “Media Buy” mentality – “Push media” vs. “Pull media”
  8. 8. THE ENTERPRISE PPC ENEMY - HIPPOS • They make the decisions • Opinion/Ego based • Not based on data or facts Highest Paid Person’s Opinion --Avinash Kaushik
  10. 10. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC SUCCESS – BUILD TRUST • Build Trust – We earned Mazda’s trust by doing SEO for them first – Deliver results – Give them data that shows them how they are saving money • Cost Per Conversion Savings • Cost Per Click Reductions • Get more clicks for the same amount of budget • Shoot down costly “ideas” from Search Engine Reps that don’t deliver ROI
  11. 11. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC SUCCESS – DON’T MAKE DECISIONS • Take your direction from the massive amount of customer PPC search and conversion data at your disposal
  12. 12. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC SUCCESS - BEING DATA-DRIVEN • Mazda drank the “Analytics Kool-Aid” early – Established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and surveys to see which KPIs impact purchase – Willingly surrendered control to searchers and customers to determine what works (more importantly what doesn’t work) – Had a willingness to test and accept the results
  13. 13. DATA GUIDED VS. DATA DRIVEN Data Makes The Decisions • Frequent correlation surveys and after purchase studies about what on-site KPIs lead to purchase • Massive amounts of click data on a daily basis • Massive amounts of sales data • Quick sales cycle Data Guides Decisions • No consistent correlation between on-site actions and purchase • Small scale click data • Small scale sales data • Long sales cycle • Sale’s are highly dependent on the sales person
  14. 14. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC - FOCUS ON THE FUNNEL • Low Funnel Shopping KPIs for the Ready to Buy • Mid-Funnel KPI to get in the consideration set • Upper funnel KPIs – “Hey we exist” • Hard to justify spending budget on upper funnel keywords like competitor trademarks when budget is need for the ready to buy Mazda 3 Invoice Pricing Mazda 3 Dealers 2014 compact cars New compact car finance offers Compact cars Honda Civic
  15. 15. THE FUNNEL MIGHTIER THAN THE HIPPO? • Getting Buy-in on the “Funnel Strategy” is vital • What delivers the best low funnel conversion volume? – It gets fully funded budget – It gets the highest bids • The Funnel determines priority – Creates “Sacred Cows” that HIPPOs will yield to • Data-driven Execs want their ideas tested – but they don’t want to jeopardize results on the best performers
  16. 16. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC SUCCESS – YOU DON’T WIN ARGUMENTS… • Don’t argue with Executives or Agencies – Let the data do the arguing for you • Insist on testing ideas from up above • Keep the results in a ready spot…You will need them again, and again and again…
  17. 17. KEYS TO ENTERPRISE PPC SUCCESS – BE A HISTORIAN • When you outlive all of the executives and agencies you start over again with the replacements • Be prepared for the same old bad ideas. Carry the equivalent of a Batman Utility Belt for Analytics Reports • You can usually stop the bad ideas in their tracks and not get diverted from the tactics that produce results
  18. 18. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo SITUATIONS TO PUT THE KEYS TO USE Uhhhhh…Yeahhhh. We’re going to need you to change a few things. Mmm’ kay?
  19. 19. I’VE HEARD SOME GOOD ONES… I want our ads to show for a search on “Spirited” Those keywords don’t fit with our “Brand Guidelines” This doesn’t say Zoom-Zoom to me. I know the conversions are great, but I just care about Impressions What do you mean our Quality Scores will be low advertising on competitor trademarks? Don’t call it a Hatchback. It’s a “5-door”. I don’t care what it costs I want… What do mean? Thousands of people call us “Mazada” when they search? What’s next “Mooz-Mooz-Mooz?!” Oh Boy. Here it Comes… I was up late last night and searched for___________ and our ad didn’t show… More Emotion! I want an AdGroup about our Flag
  20. 20. DEALING WITH THE “BRANDERS” “Fun to Drive” “The Emotion of Motion” “Spirited”
  21. 21. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo FEELINGS Write a 25 Character Headline That Makes Me Feel Like This:
  22. 22. NOW CONVEY “EMOTION” IN AD COPY! • With Nagare as a basis for creativity and exploration, Mazda's approach is now evolving. The underlying design philosophy for the next generation of Mazda cars is adding the power and beauty that one sees in the instantaneous movement of animals or humans. This is the form displayed in the moment motion begins – for example, the instant when a cheetah pounces on its prey, or the moment of a sword strike in the ancient Japanese martial art of kendo. It is this moment where accumulated force is released that contains the most finely-honed balance of strength and streamlined beauty. It is in this instant – which requires maximum concentration – that we feel instantaneous power, speed, a dignified tension, a sophisticated beauty. It is, in its way, highly seductive. • Now put that in a 25 character headline and two 35 character description lines and SELL! SELL! SELL!
  24. 24. BRAND VS. RELEVANCE IN AD COPY • We gave the “Branders” and “Creatives” all the rope they wanted and tested our ads that emphasized the keyword searched vs. ad copy that said things like: “Rip the road a new pot hole anywhere you please” • Our Findings: Unless creativity and cleverness is rewarded by the searchers with higher click through rates – which it almost universally is NOT – Relevant and seemingly dull usually performs much better with Click Through Rate and Conversion performance • Tag lines don’t work • “Zoom Zoom” is wasted space in ad copy
  26. 26. BRAND VS. REALITY • Sometimes what you want people to call your product and what people actually call it are two different things MAZDA3 5-door Mazda 3 Hatchback Vs.
  27. 27. SAVING THE HATCHBACK • Brand managers and copy writers were appalled that we would call the car a “Hatchback” -– “Brand Guidelines” • Reality: almost 2000% more search for “Hatchback” over “5 door” • Used the same memo twice in 5 years to save the word usage on ads and pages
  29. 29. FOCUS ON THE COMPETITION • All of my clients are obsessed with their competitors • Mentality – spend anything in Advertising to squash competitors. But won’t spend a dime to improve sites, CRO, or landing pages • “Conquesting” – Bidding on competitor names or product names • Keeping “Focus on the Funnel” when budgets were tight allowed us to maintain budget on tactics that work better long term
  30. 30. SHORT TERM CONQUESTING • We convinced the client to avoid long-term conquesting as a tactic with data • Then convinced them with data that a short-term event-based conquest was a better way to get bang for the buck with left-over media budgets
  31. 31. SEARCH-MOJO.COM@searchmojo CONTACT Tad Miller tmiller@search-mojo.com 800-939-5938 x 102 Twitter: @JstaTad @SearchMojo Facebook: www.facebook.com/SearchMojo THAT’S THE END!
  32. 32. http://www.slideshare.net/SearchMarketingExpo # see more presentations at: #