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Six things to know about your brain to become an expert

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Anyone can be an expert at anything. Our brain has properties to make this happen.
This story outline these properties and show you the way to follow.
It is up to you to decide which topic you want to be an expert and be fully engaged to it.

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Six things to know about your brain to become an expert

  2. “I’ve failed over and over and over in my life, and that is why I succeed.” Michael Jordan
  3. What’s nice about your brain…
  4. is that anyone can be an expert at anything.
  5. This story will show you the 6 properties of your brain that make this possible.
  6. Becoming an expert in a subject activates the right sets of neurons at the right moment.1.
  7. There are more potential neuron connections in your brain than stars in the sky.2.
  8. So truly, anyone can find the right connections!
  9. The perception of reality is influenced by your knowledge (or connections) rather than reality itself. 3.
  10. So be ambitious, have confidence, and don’t limit yourself.
  11. Your will is the ability to create new connections between neurons...4. But doesn’t necessarily choose the right ones.
  12. So experiment, analyze which behaviors (connections) give the best results.
  13. Failures are the best lessons you can receive.
  14. Once you find a good behavior, repeat it and make it a habit. Indeed,…
  15. The quality of the connection between neurons increases with the frequency of its usage.5.
  16. When the connection is rarely activated, this connection actually has very low conductivity. It means that a lot of energy is requested to activate the neighboring neurons.
  17. By repeating the use of connections, the conductivity increases… and less effort is required to activate the neuron going forward.
  18. New knowledge is always built from blocks of older knowledge.6.
  19. So once you acquire a new habit, explore the new options you get.
  20. Experiment over and over, to get even better results.
  21. Summary to become an expert: Be Ambitious Always Experiment Repeat Again
  22. Thank you !!! Follow me on twitter : @SebastienJuras If you enjoyed reading this story, share it with your friends. Credit : photos – 123rf.com