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Improving editors' lives with Neos CMS

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We all want our customers to use the websites we build for them and to be successful.
But why are editors needs often forgotten in the requirements and concepts?
In this talk we will point out the importance of talking about the backend usability early in a project and show how Neos CMS as platform can help improving this situation.

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Improving editors' lives with Neos CMS

  1. 1. Improving editors’ lives with Neos Sreyleak Thux, Sebastian Helzle
  2. 2. Who is Leak? • Project manager at Web Essentials • 1,5 year with Neos projects as Product Owner • Loves good food & movies
  3. 3. Who is Sebastian? • Developed websites since Geocities was cool ~1996 • Working with TYPO3 since 2005 • Freelance consultant since 2007 • Fell in love with Neos in 2013 • Certified Scrum Master since 2015 • Love hiking, mountains and cooking
  4. 4. What we will talk about • We want success for our clients • Include the editors into your concepts • Importance of backend usability • How integrators can help • How Neos helps
  5. 5. How this topic became important to us • Contact with clients & editors • Content editing by ourselves • Doing lots of integrators work
  6. 6. We want success for our clients • Give them the ability to • create content easily • publish often • work efficiently • reach their target groups
  7. 7. How can we help them?
  8. 8. Editors have to be a piece of your concept
  9. 9. Goals of conceptual phase • Help clients understand the importance of good editing workflows • Collaboration between integrators and editors • Include optimising editing workflows into budget • Find simple workflows
  10. 10. „The editing experience also needs to be validated in the ongoing project reviews.“
  11. 11. Why should a client invest into this?
  12. 12. Time wasters • Many clicks needed to do simple workflows • Backend needs long to load • Unhelpful error & validation messages • Actions are hard to find • Changes get lost • Using the wrong tool for the job • Complicated documentation • Motivation issues
  13. 13. „Simple workflows are a necessity for regular output“
  14. 14. Good usability doesn’t need lots of documentation
  15. 15. How integrators can help
  16. 16. Be part of the community
  17. 17. Learn from others
  18. 18. Provide videos • Connection integrators <-> editors • Show how features actually work • Easy to understand • Can be done much faster than complex documentation (even localised) • Helpful for reviewing workflows
  19. 19. How Helps
  20. 20. –neos.io „Think of Neos as an open source Content Application Platform based on its own PHP framework Flow. A set of core Content Management features is resting within a larger context that allows you to build a perfectly customized experience for your users.“
  21. 21. „Neos doesn't solve content editing issues, it gives integrators tools to provide great experiences.“
  22. 22. Some good practises
  23. 23. The backend is the frontend
  24. 24. Inline editing
  25. 25. Name things as they are used You can even rename standard components
  26. 26. Context based 
  27. 27. Provide guidelines in the backend Make it clear that this is not visible in the frontend
  28. 28. Helpful hints for complex input
  29. 29. Easy to configure and maintain
  30. 30. We came far with content editing Still a lot to do
  31. 31. Thank you!
  32. 32. Interested? • Read more about this topic on
 http://www.mind-the-seb.de • Everything Neos on neos.io
  33. 33. Questions?