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Study Skills & Exam Preparation

  1. Study Skills & Exam Preparation
  2. What are your strategies ......??
  3. Stress! Follow these steps to minimise it during examseason
  4. Make a plan Mark your exams in your calendar Set out a study plan for each day Allow for regular breaks  Plan for exercise  Consider studying with others
  5. Beware….. Don’t leave study till the night before Cramming is ineffective Procrastination
  6. Organise your space Have everything you need in one place Try to keep the space free from distractions Turn off your phone & internet Keep your space quiet
  7. Using Notes 1.Organise notes into subjects 2.Condense notes into one-page revision sheets 3.Create quizzes or flashcards from your notes to test yourself
  8. Practice Exams and Essays Will help you to:  Confirm your knowledge and understanding  Feel confident in what to expect in your exam  Prepare for writing answers
  9. It’s all about you! Drink plenty of water Snack on healthy food Get regular exercise Get enough sleep
  10. Day of the Exam Prepare everything you need the night before Get plenty of rest Have good breakfast or lunch Arrive at the venue with time to spare
  11. Good Luck! (Not that you’ll need it if you follow these guidelines)
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