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Tobbits Calculation Workbook: An Offline-to-Online Intelligent Textbook

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Presented at the First Workshop on Intelligent Textbooks (Chicago, IL, US; June 25, 2019)

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Tobbits Calculation Workbook: An Offline-to-Online Intelligent Textbook

  1. 1. Tobbits Calculation Workbook An Offline-to-Online Intelligent Textbook Junchen Feng, Ke Li, Ming Li 17zuoye.com
  2. 2. Download the Wechat App Register with your phone number Swipe down and search “tuobi”
  3. 3. Why is this an Intelligent Textbook On the first look, it is neither intelligent, nor textbook Not really a textbook but the underlying mechanism is the same Let’s focus on the the intelligent part
  4. 4. Why Paperback? Resistance of Exposing Children to Smart Device • Government Regulation • Parental Concern of Smartphone Abuse Easier to Blitzscaling at Early Stage • Do not require learners to adopt a new medium • Book distribution channel is cheaper than app marketing, especially at school
  5. 5. Be Online and Be Automatic OCR: RNN magic Auto-Grading: Rule based algorithm Auto-Diagnosis: Algorithmic Expert System
  6. 6. Intelligent Tutor System Wechat is ubiquitous but limited. On Our Proprietary App Diagnose: Bayesian Diagnosis Tracing (from another paper) Adaptive Tutor: Interactive Course / More Exercise
  7. 7. Insight An Effective Way to Acquire Users • Half a million books distributed in 3 months • 30% Active online • 10% accessed intelligent diagnosis among the online users Implication for ITS community • OCR/camera is a general purpose touch point for learners • Look beyond the binary right/wrong response
  8. 8. THANKS