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Apps for publishers

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Apps for publishers

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Apps for publishers

  1. 1. PUBLISHERSWith Service2Media you can take advantage of new business and professionalpublishing opportunities extending your reach and improving yourcollaboration into new communities and markets.We’ll help you Access – Collaborate – Present – Perform and Excel APPS FOR BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHING
  2. 2. SERVICE2MEDIAFOR BUSINESS ANDPROFESSIONAL PUBLISHINGService2Media is in the business of Advanced App Solutions for smart phones,tablets and an unbounded range of emerging touch devices.We help our clients and partners design, deliver and support some of the most innovative business andprofessional publishing apps ever deployed. From secure collaborative environments for research groups andgovernment through to specialist scientific publishing our experience is extensive and second to none. Service2Media will help you overcome the many challenges faced by those developing apps for business and professional deployment. • We eliminate the issue of multiple operating systems and fragmented and evolving devices. • We offer the highest level of consistent rich user experience regardless of device. • We future-proof your investment delivering the full lifecycle of design, development, deployment support and app evolution. If the device options change your apps will upgrade seamlessly. • We connect our apps with your business critical back end support applications and offer high levels of scalability, robustness and security. • With our best in breed, cost and time efficient platform enabling quick to market solutions, you can design once and instantly deploy them on multiple devices. With Service2Media you can take advantage of new business and profes- sional publishing opportunities extending your reach and improving your collaboration into new communities and markets. We’ll help you Access – Collaborate – Present – Perform and Excel
  3. 3. ACCESSProvide secure, responsive and reliable access to valuable informationand business processes anywhere, anytimeIncrease the effectiveness of your business by offering a secure and consistent servicewhich ensures that all enquiries and operations can be fulfilled, even in remote, time-sensitiveconditions. By providing multi-channel access to your business information and processesregardless of the devices used with a rich, engaging and easy to use app that can eliminatecommunication issues.• Enable your associates to ascertain the data, intelligence, instruction and news they need on the go :- to improve productivity.• Shift seamlessly between alternative devices :- maintaining community and brand identity.• Protect your investment :- with secure connections and authenticated users to help safeguard the network/content from threats• Offer a semantic search approach : to provide the utmost relevant information,• Enable data mining :-and allow access to prior publications for referenceWhat do our clients most value?Industrialized platform: Our advanced connectors enablesecure, reliable and real-time access to your back-endapplications and services and our advanced apps will thendeliver content to all appropriate devices. The presentationautomatically takes advantage of the navigational options ofthe device and the screen layout is always optimized to takeadvantage of the device’s screen size and orientation. Yourusers are getting an interface with the best possible look andease of use for their business apps and you don’t have to worryabout which device they are using.Valued Content: for REED Elsevier we offer accessto subscription based and valued content such as theprestigious The Journal of the American College ofCardiology.
  4. 4. COLLABORATEAdd value to your business by increasing collaborative co-operationacross multi-platformsWork within or across communities to share and enhance information regardlessof location or access device. Service2Media will ensure that the user experience isat the highest level of engagement and ease of use by raising the quality of the appinterface to the highest level regardless of the device used.• Foster open and improved communication channels :- with live, simultaneous sharing• Provide away from the desk access to databases and account information :- to allow for seamless research and opportunity management• Coordinate activities and regulate workflow :- to orchestrate your activities• Share best practice and work simultaneously together :- with other lab partners/business associates/ or office locations• Develop an enterprise social networking space :- that enables secure document creation and project management services across your business• Provide the format for peer-review :- of your research, activity or data for possible exponential growth in data collection What do our clients most value? Secure collaboration: Because we provide the required security of access connected through to your back-end applications and can deliver workflow and collaborative applications across a wide range of devices all synchronized for on-line and off-line usage. You can extend the reach of your collaboration to staff without limiting the choice of device.
  5. 5. PRESENT - VISUALIZE COMPLEX AND RICH INFORMATIONSupport specialized scientific formats and offer rich and engagingpresentations of your information.Scientific and other specialized communities are adopting visualization and audio techniquesthat until recently were not publishable on many standard devices or were only commonin the world of on-line gaming. The opportunity to present more dynamic, interactivegraphical and video content over multiple standard devices offers exceptional businessand publishing opportunities.• 360 degree walk through of objects and structures :- to improve clarity and understanding• Interactive video enables remote demonstration and support :- for complex procedures• Speech to text and text to speech :- increases accessibility• Multi-touch sensitive input devices :- enhance feedback and ease of use• Publications in specialized scientific forms :- enhances access to complex publication contentWhat do our clients most value?Advanced server based rendering: The advanced appsshown above demonstrate how Service2Media candeliver complex specialised content onto a widevariety of devices. Because when required we rendercomplex content on the server before passing it theclient device we can present all forms of scientificnotation as with the Arabic Language reading right toleft as shown for the Al Ittihad Newspaper
  6. 6. PERFORMIncrease the value of your business by arming yourteams with advanced tools and information at theirfingertips so your staff and company make optimal useof resources.Ubiquitous, always available broadband access on multiple-devicesprovides a high bandwidth channel to extend the reach of your business.• Create apps that monitor critical lab conditions/parameters :- that can be either adjusted remotely or that alert technicians on call to address the issue• Develop bespoke Apps to filter content :- from newly released and varied publications and journals to pull together information on a specific topic• Use GPS based location information from mobile devices :- to optimize the allocation and routing of resources based on proximity to the need.• Incorporate device based workflow :- into the content review and publication authorization process for out of office based staffWhat do our clients most value?Easy adoption: Because we can offer a consistent design, includingthe same navigation style if required, across all devices we make thetraining and adoption of apps simple, so that it is easier to roll out abusiness app to the widest possible set of users.Monitoring and analytics: We also provide monitoring analyticsand feedback as part of our platform so that you can review the us-age and behavior of your app users. We also provide pre-built com-ponents that enable context services like maps, payments, locationand content management
  7. 7. EXELDemonstrate leadership in your field with advanced applications thatshowcase your capabilities.Companies that show thought leadership and the use of innovative presentation methodsare seen as brand leaders.• Develop leading edge apps with multi-dimensional features :- offering 3D graphics/ augmented reality demonstrations and more to increase your company profile and position• Amplify your companies authority and market impact :- with apps that enable comments and the publishing of real-time results and information• Create public wikis/knowledge hub apps :- to expand your reach• Monetize specific areas of your research or information :- with a new direct to consumer app propositionWhat do our clients most value ?Handling complex content: We can integrate complex content supplied through your backoffice servers to deliver the most sophisticated content to the widest range of devices. ReedElsevier publishes complex scientific notations to a wide range of devices rendered to maximizethe richness of the user experience on each device.OUR PROPOSITION TO THE BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONALPUBLISHING MARKETWhether you are looking for a sustainable competitive advantage or aiming to improveefficiencies. Service2Media can help you to future-proof your company with innovativeapplication solutions.Let us partner with you to provide a comprehensive approach based on our outstandingplatform and full lifecycle of support that offers ultimate flexibility and dramatically lowersthe total cost of ownership of your full suite of Apps whist managing their evolution andsafeguarding their future.
  8. 8. ABOUT SERVICE2MEDIA Since our inception we have challenged the status quo, creating Apps that matter and empower people’s daily lives. Our App Lifecycle Platform enables our clients and partners to build future proofed portfolios of Apps with effective reuse of components and the ability to maintain and evolve them throughout their entire lifecycles. Our core strength lies in our App Lifecycle Platform that lets us create both our own and partners’ AppCenters to deliver Core and Critical App Portfolios. •The App Lifecycle Platform – our technology that enables the full lifecycle support of Apps on multiple targeted environments. • AppCenters – where enterprise grade App portfolios are designed, deployed and evolved. THE SERVICE2MEDIA APP LIFECYCLE PLATFORM The Service2Media App Lifecycle Platform supports the full lifecycle – from conceptual design through to performance analytics, our platform delivers a rich and compelling user-experience across all your targeted environments. Our App lifecycle philosophy is simple but powerful. DESIGN Apps Once DEPLOY Apps on Multiple Devices EVOLVE Apps throughout their LivesOffices and ContactsFor general information: Postal address: Dubai San FranciscoTel: +31 88 010 29 00 P.O.Box 767 Dubai Internet City 1024 Iron Point RoadFax: +31 88 010 29 01 7500 AT Enschede DIC Building 03 Folsom, California 95630 The Netherlands Dubai - United Arab Emirates United StatesThe NetherlandsService2Media info@service2media.com Barcelona New YorkArnhemseweg 2 www.service2media.com Edifici Neàpolis 215 Park Avenue South, Suite 20053817 CH Amersfoort Rambla Exposició 59-69 New York, NY 10003The Netherlands London 08800 – Vilanova i la Geltrú United States 83 Baker Street – Westminster SpainLangestraat 37 W1U 6AG – London7511 HB Enschede United KingdomThe Netherlands