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Service Design & the Internet of Things / Service Design Drinks

  1. Service Design Drinks FA B L A B B E R L I N / J U LY 1 6 , 2 0 1 5 Service Design and the Internet of Things
  2. Katrin PhD Candidate, University of Potsdam Who is inviting? Olga Business Consultant, Fuxblau Manuel Service Designer, Fuxblau Mauro Designer, SAP Martin Experience Designer, Nokia
  3. Who is the host?
  4. Broadcasting globally
  5. Next up Hannes Jentsch Design consultant, F R E E L A N C E Martin Jordan Experience designer N O K I A / H E R E
  6. Smarter Touchpoints & Contextual Services Service Design Drinks: Service Design & the Internet of Things July 16, 2015 • Hannes Jentsch & Martin Jordan
  7. “Service Design helps to innovate or improve services to make them more useful, usable, desirable for clients and efficient as well as effective for organisations. ” DEFI NITIO N Service Design — S T E FA N M O R I T Z , Veryday
  8. Source: Amazon EXAMPLE Amazon Fresh
  9. “The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. ” DEFI NITIO N Internet of Things — W I K I P E D I A , I N T E R N E T O F T H I N G S
  10. Source: Amazon EXAMPLE Amazon Fresh Grocery delivery supported by digital touchpoints: mobile app and website
  11. Source: Amazon EXAMPLE Amazon Fresh Replacing the phone app with a connected object—Amazon Dash
  12. Source: Amazon EXAMPLE Amazon Fresh An object made to live in the kitchen, with specialised affordances: two buttons, a hook, a bar code scanner and a microphone for dictation—at the same time the service is unchanged
  13. Source: Amazon EXAMPLE Amazon Amazon App Amazon Dash Amazon Dash Button Amazon Watch App
  14. Wearables Connected cars Connected homes Connected cities Industrial internet Transportation Healthcare Oil & gas Source: Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research IoT Landscape
  15. What do customers really want, and how can I deliver that as an intuitive service, rather than a stand-alone product? QUESTION FOR IOT MAKERS
  16. How can connected devices help making services more usable for customers? And more efficient for organisations? QUESTION FOR SERVICE DESIGNERS
  17. Source: Daimler AG EXAMPLE car2go By-the-minute car sharing service supported by app and near field communication card
  18. Source: Daimler AG; Isabell Herzog & Joseph Ribbe (Key4Car, FH Potsdam) EXAMPLE car2go Replacing app and card with a connected object—a key fob
  19. Source: Daimler AG; Isabell Herzog & Joseph Ribbe (Key4Car, FH Potsdam) EXAMPLE car2go An object made to live on your key chain, able to make a car reservation without interrupting a conversation and capable of navigating you to it, as well as opening it
  20. By going beyond screens & beeps we are able to respect the capabilities of human cognition. HYPOTHESIS
  21. Single purpose devices are built for context, able to fulfill a specific task very well. HYPOTHESIS
  23. Imagine your rental bike’s handle vibrates when you have to take the turn… FOOD FO R THOUGHT
  24. Imagine your debit card changes its colour when you get close to your overdraft limit… FOOD FO R THOUGHT
  25. Imagine your digital ticket reveals itself as the train attendant comes by… FOOD FO R THOUGHT
  26. Less smartphone dependency, but objects as messengers Leverage all human capabilities RECOMMENDATIONS Think of connected devices as part of the bigger service system Design as specific as possible for contexts & touchpoints
  27. Next up Thomas Schörner Design Lead IoT, S A P
  28. Next up Thingking big at SAP
  29. Next up Ricardo Brito Service designer, F U T U R I C E
  30. The City as an Open Ecosystem
  31. How can we create a city where everyone can be an active part of it?
  32. Open Platform BUSINESS Services Start-Ups Small Businesses COMMUNITY Makers Entrepreneurs Non-Profit Org. OPEN MARKET FOR COMPANIES AND THE COMMUNITY Sensors Live-Data Human InputInfrastructure CITY HUB
  33. Service Provider Profile H Context Awareness Citizen Profile
  34. Citizen Profile Wheelchair Friendly Cheap Reduce my Eco-footprint Context Awareness Nearest to me Avoid Traffic Here & Now Services Providers H Discovery Social Ranking Availability Finding the right Services
  35. Please pick me up at Reuter Street, 55 Berlin
  36. SMART CITY Inner Context Controllable Context Inner Context Controllable Context
  37. • Real Time Awareness about services in the city • More efficient and tailored services • Privacy & Security - Control of their own data • Increases trust and transparency of the city Benefits Citizen
  38. Benefits • Enhance social interaction • Human network - for entertainment & engagement • More rich and valuable community interactions • Efficient use of public infrastructure Community
  39. Benefits Public Services • Real-time information, including commercial services • Cross-correlated information • Cloud prediction based on live data • Full situation awareness on the ground • Publicly visible insights and analytics
  40. Airport InformationEmergency Services Airline Passenger Information
  41. Benefits • More service channels • New service discovery • Interact with customers in a new medium at low cost • Make targeted offers based on the city infrastructure Service Providers
  42. Hi John! Hey John! Today we have biologic apples, just freshly arrived.
  43. • Increased velocity of money / new kind of revenue • Enhance local economy • Create a fair / balanced digital market ecosystem • Better understanding of the city flow / Analytics Benefits City (Platform Owner)
  44. In a Smart City Ecosystem collaboration is essential Break the silos Data Protection Policies Collaboration Models
  45. There’s no fit-all solution for an Open Smart City • Sociocultural Background • Existing digital culture • Potential Business Areas • Natural environment
  46. Workshop
  47. Service Kit IoT
  48. Sensors What kind of Data you need to collect? How is the Ser- vice triggered? What are the trigger points? These cards will help choose what kind of sensors are the most meaningful for your service. ENABLER Ligth Sensor ENABLER ENABLER ENABLER ENABLER ENABLER ENABLER ENABLER Motion Sensor Vibration Sensor Infrared Sensor Beacon Smart Beacon Wi-Fi Network Sound Sensor ENABLER Temperature Sensor ENABLER Humidity Sensor ENABLER Weight Sensor Joker Card ENABLER Kg Interaction How wil the user interact physically with your Service? What kind of equipment do you need for that? These cards will help you choose the ways User can interact with your service. INTERACTION Speakers INTERACTION Cameras INTERACTION Lights INTERACTION Advertisement Display INTERACTION Locks INTERACTION INTERACTION Check-in Device INTERACTION INTERACTION Payment Device INTERACTION Urban Furniture INTERACTION Screen / Display INTERACTION Drone INTERACTION Joker Card
  49. City Open API Can your service make use of public urban data? What kind of urban information would you need to improve the service? These cards will help you choose the kind of data you can pick for Cities Open APIs CIYT OPEN API Parking Info CIYT OPEN API Water / Waste Info CIYT OPEN API Tourism Infor CIYT OPEN API Safety, Security Info CIYT OPEN API Social Media Data CIYT OPEN API Joker Card CIYT OPEN API Traffic Info CIYT OPEN API Environmental Info SERVICES Police Water Management Joker Card SERVICES SERVICES Firemen SERVICES Emergency SERVICES 3rd Party Services SERVICES Waste Management SERVICES Electricity Management SERVICES Service Cards Can your service incorporate or co-operate with an existing service? These cards provides you a starting point for partnership ideas including public and commercial services.
  50. User Cards What kind of assets the User will need to have use of your service? USER Vehicle USER Special Equipment USER Smart Phone Joker Card USERUSER Wearable
  51. U U ENABLER Beacon INTERACTION Screen / Display
  52. U U BUS TAXI IoT Service Kit Public Square IoT Service Kit Smart Building / Smart HomeIoT Service Kit Neighborhood U H P IoT Service Kit Conference WC PUBLIC SQUARE CONFERENCE NEIGHBORHOOD SMART BUILDING / SMART HOME SUPERMARKET IoT Service Kit Supermarket Hyperlocal Marketing, Accessibility, Transportation… Networking, Multimedia, Knowledge Sharing… Marketing, Customer Care, Navigation, Support…Smart Cities, Transportation, Cultural, Community… Scenarios & Blueprints
  53. The Challenge 1- Choose a scenario 2 - Join the respective table
 3 - Read the Briefing 4 - Create & Map your solution
  54. Timeline Exercise Present 30min 10min
  55. Ricardo Brito Service Designer
  56. Nov 13–14, 2015 Berlin / Germany Interactive conference for Service Innovators
  57. Thanks for joining @SD_Berlin