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Sound design


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Sound design

  2. 2. DIEGETIC SOUND Our diegetic sound would be sound that consists of: 1. Sound of the public talking. 2. Cars and other vehicles moving back and forth. 3. The weather perhaps wind or rain.
  3. 3. NON-DIEGETIC SOUND Our non-diegetic sound will consist of: 1. Light music when the scene first starts. 2. Fast/Moderate paced music towards the end of the scene. 3. Closing music.
  4. 4. DIALOGUE Our dialogue will consist of: 1. While the main lead says a few words to himself as he is in a hurry 2. When the two main protagonists clash into each other they both say “oi, watch where you're going” 3. Towards the end they will both be speaking in an aggressive tone.
  5. 5. AMBIENT SOUND Our ambient sound consists of: 1. Background traffic and engine exhaust from vehicles. 2. Background noise from conversations by the non-acting and for instance a dog barking. 3. Background noise of natural elements such as weather.
  6. 6. SOUND EFFECTS Naturalistic Sound Effects Unnaturalistic Sound Effects • Sound effects of the weather. • Walking of the actors. • Music at the beginning of the film. • Sound when he drops the flask.
  7. 7. SYNCHRONOUS SOUND Our synchronous sound will consist of: 1. When the apple falls, we will place sound of a falling apple. 2. When the flask falls, we will place sound of a falling 3. When the Lead Female closes the fridge, we will sound of a closing fridge.
  8. 8. ASYNCHRONOUS SOUND Our asynchronous sound will consist of: 1. Sound from the members of the non-acting public. 2. Sound from music we will place in the film. 3. Sound from footsteps as they are both walking down the road.