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Al Manar Tower (Design III Final)

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The task here was to create a mixed use tower (Shops, Offices & Residence) assuring the quality of living in the residence and dealing with complicated planning and duplex systems in order to make all the 792 apartments face burj khalifa. And considering the critical location of the site by knowing how to benefit from the location and preventing its cons. In this project, An equal number of the 3 types apartments was maintained as required. Adding to that, A dynamic facade was reflected to add a new artistic icon to Dubai and sheikh zayed road. Finally, A shading device was designed to add the comfort sensation to the place as it usually establishes only when, facing a sea view or some green areas, so we can stop depending on the geographical location by having the Shade & Shadow movement in the place.

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Al Manar Tower (Design III Final)

  1. 1. Al Manar Tower By SYSGG holding A mixed use tower (Shops+Offices+Resediense)
  2. 2. Ground Floor Plan 1:500
  3. 3. Typical Parking Plan 1:500 59 Parking per level 236 Parking in Total
  4. 4. Typical Office floor Plan 1:500
  5. 5. Amenities 1:500
  6. 6. Typical Residence Floor (1) 1:500 Efficiency: 82.9% Number of apartments per floor: 18 6 Studios + 6 (1) bedroom + 6 (2) bedroom
  7. 7. Typical Residence Floor (2) 1:500 Efficiency: 87.3% Average Efficiency: 85.1% Number of apartments: 792 Number of apartments facing Burj Khalifa: 792
  8. 8. Detailed Studio & Office 1:100 37.8 m2 + Balcony103 m2
  9. 9. Detailed 1 bedroom 1:100 73.3 m2 + Balcony 83.9 m2 + Balcony
  10. 10. Detailed 2 bedroom 1:100 2 Bedroom duplex Apartment 112 m2 + Balcony Double Orientation Unit Allows Air flow circulation Has 2 views: -Burj Khalifa -Jumeirah (Sea Side)
  11. 11. Section A-A 1:500
  12. 12. Site Plan 1:500 Sheikh Zayed Road The Tower was designed in away that : - Insures the privacy in the tower and surroundings - Does not block the view for other buildings - Creates a mini-community with the nearby buildings sharing shops, facilities and parking
  13. 13. An Imaginary photo Of the tower
  14. 14. Front Shot of the building showing the smooth façade of the building
  15. 15. A rear shot of the tower showing the balconies and the spaces facing Seaside
  16. 16. Amenities Floor: Showing the amount of light that can get in And some trees to add value to the space.
  17. 17. Shade & Shadow Device
  18. 18. The pattern is inspired from leaf of Dubai’s Trees
  19. 19. The pattern is traced on the floor because of the shade and shadow which adds value to the place and cause a case of comfort sensation
  20. 20. Al Manar Tower Supervised by: Dr. Traudel Funke Done by: Shadi Sabouni