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  1. 1. Shannon Lemas MOBILE (248)410-6228 EMAIL Shannon0230@gmail.com ADDRESS 2168 Edgewood Rd Fl#2 ClevelandHeights,Oh 44118 AREAS OF EXPERTISE CABG MVR/AVR/TVR Thoracotomy Heart, Lung and Liver Transplants CirculatoryArrest Antegrade/Retrograde Cerebral Perfusion Robotic Cardiac Surgery Jehovah’s Witness TAAA Left Heart Bypass Rapid InfusionDevices TVAR ECMO LVAD/RVAD Cell Saver IABP Therapy Pediatrics Cardiohelp Electronic Medical Record PERFUSIONIST (Student) OBJECTIVE Looking to join an energetic perfusion team where I can utilize the skills and experience I’ve acquired at The Cleveland Clinic to provide safe, clinical perfusioncare. PERSONAL SUMMARY Recognized as a valued team member with exemplary work ethic, compassion and integrity. Innate ability to adapt and display initiative when unexpected situations arise. Possesses strong written and verbal communicationskills. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS The Cleveland Clinic Clev eland, Oh School of Cardiovascular Perfusion 2014-2015  Post Graduate Degree Certificate Award- Perfusion  Expectedto graduate with over 150 graded cases withminimal interventionof supervising CCP, along withan additional 200 observedcases  Expectedgraduation date: May 16th, 2015 Michigan State University East Lansing, Mi Bachelor of Science in Physiology, May 2012 Lansing Community College Lansing, Mi Certified Nursing Assistant Program, May 2010 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, January 2014-Present my.clevelandclinic.org Part of the cardiothoracic ORstaff team, providing individualizedpatient care to an array of patient types encompassing countless different diagnosis,while learning from staff CCPs, as well as, teaching incoming students. Duties and Responsibilities  Prepare the heart-lung machine for cardiopulmonary bypass  Provide consistent,safe perfusionservices while ensuring equipment is functioning optimally  Operate the heart-lung machine and other cardiac support services  Monitor and treat patient hemodynamics while on CPB  Troubleshoot,repair and maintain perfusion equipment  Participate inqualityimprovement projects  Prepare/Present case studies and researchprojects
  2. 2. REFERENCES Cliff Ball Director of the School of Cardiovascular Perfusion,CCP ClevelandClinic Foundation ballc@ccf.org (330)805-0720 Mark Gray CertifiedClinical Perfusionist SpectrumHealth mgrayccp@aol.com (616)446-6825 Marty Sinkewich CertifiedClinical Perfusionist ClevelandClinic Foundation msinkewich@yahoo.com (440)503-3421