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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2014 - ECM

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Fileshares and folders have been the bread and butter for Enterprise Content Management for a very long time. They've served their purpose, and they were great at one time - but it's time to leave them for a better, smarter solution. Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint Server is here to stay - and simply migrating your fileshare data into a more robust and intelligent structure can help you better find and manage your enterprise data.

In this session, we'll look at an example of a fileshare and how we can very easily redefine our Enterprise Content Management strategy using SharePoint Server as the platform. Attendees will witness how easy it can be to add and categorize content using out-of-the-box SharePoint functionality - and how you can start to use Enterprise Content Management to better serve your business.

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SharePoint Saturday Cincinnati 2014 - ECM

  1. 1. Leave the Fileshare, and join the Enterprise Content Revolution! Ryan Dennis
  2. 2. Join us for SharePint Location: Sharonville Convention Center Follow the SIGNS if you dare Sponsored by Accusoft & Focal Point Solutions
  3. 3. Spons ors Platinu m: Gol d: Bronz e:
  4. 4. Let’s Get Social ! Twitter: @spscincinnati #spspookinnati Mobile: www.spsmobile.com Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spscincy https://www.facebook.com/spscincy
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  6. 6. Ryan Dennis Senior SharePoint Consultant at Blue Chip Consulting Group Recently published first book as a co-author www.bluechip-llc.com ryan.dennis@bluechip-llc.com @SharePointRyan /in/SharePointRyan /SharePointRyanDotCom www.sharepointryan.com SP Geek Father Drummer Husband Scripter Author
  7. 7. Agenda • About AdventureWorks • The Current Fileshare Scenario • Redefining our ECM strategy • Categorizing Content in SharePoint • Leveraging Search with our ECM implementation • Q&A
  8. 8. AdventureWorks Cycles is a large, multinational manufacturing company. The company manufactures and sells metal and composite bicycles to North American, European and Asian commercial markets. (Oh, and it’s a fictional company)
  9. 9. The AW Fileshare Folders created for every Country Within each Country, folders are created for every Year Within each Year, folders created for every Department within the company 4 folder types in each Department folder
  10. 10. A Sample AW Document Content Type Department Year Version Authors Created Date Document Status Modified Date Company Country Document Type
  11. 11. Issues • Usability and user experience are poor – Documents buried n levels deep • File path is long and ugly – Example: FileshareAdventureWorksUSA2014CustServ ConfidentialCustServ_HandbookDoc_V4.docx • Limited visibility into security/permissions • Search does not work intuitively • No metadata/tagging functionality
  12. 12. What is ECM? Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the strategies, methods and tools used to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. ECM tools and strategies allow the management of an organization's unstructured information, wherever that information exists.
  13. 13. Advantages of SharePoint ECM • Version control and version history • Workflow/approval/publishing • Tagging/Metadata • Search • Shared editing experience • Quotas • Auditing
  14. 14. Managed Metadata • Key Features – Content Type Publishing – sharing across site collections. – Taxonomies – Creation and management of hierarchical collections of managed terms. • Key Concepts – Taxonomy – A hierarchical classification of words, labels or terms that are organized into groups based on similarities. – Folksonomy – A classification that results when users collaboratively apply words, labels or terms to content.
  15. 15. Managed Metadata Term Store
  16. 16. Key Concepts of Presentation • SharePoint Site Collection • Document Libraries & Views • Document Templates • Content Types & Metadata • Content Organizer • Document IDs • Workflow • Records Management • Search
  17. 17. Custom Document Template 2 Notice that the value displays in the document body, this is using a Quick Part Then, in the Office program – populate the metadata values in the Document Information Panel First, create a New Document 1 3 In SharePoint, the metadata values are automatically applied without needing to set them manually
  18. 18. Content Organizer 1. User creates a document and uploads it to the SharePoint site – specifies document properties (metadata) 2. Document is automatically moved to the Drop Off Library 3. Content Organizer Rules determine the appropriate destination based on document metadata 4. Document is automatically routed to the destination Document Library HR Docs IT Docs Legal Docs
  19. 19. Search • Quickly and easily find documents using: – Text from document body – Text from ANY document metadata/column values • Preview the document right in the browser • Refine your search results using Search Refiners • Users only find what they have access to
  20. 20. D E M O SharePoint ECM
  21. 21. Demo Recap • Reviewed Document Center Site • Reviewed the AdventureWorks IT Library • Created a new Document based on the custom Document Template • Ran through a basic Approval Workflow • Performed a Search
  22. 22. Ryan Dennis Senior SharePoint Consultant at Blue Chip Consulting Group Recently published first book as a co-author www.bluechip-llc.com ryan.dennis@bluechip-llc.com @SharePointRyan /in/SharePointRyan /SharePointRyanDotCom www.sharepointryan.com SP Geek Father Drummer Husband Scripter Author