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HootSuite Command Center Brochure

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HootSuite Command Center Brochure

  1. 1. HootSuite Command Center The center of your social media operations 53.5% of organizations using social media now have a center of excellence. Altimeter Group
  2. 2. Introduction What good is data if it’s not in context? Your organization needs insight that relates to business growth and can direct decisions on where to allocate resources and spend. The HootSuite Command Center is designed for this data visualization–putting context and meaning around social metrics–in order to improve: A social media command center unifies multiple channels of data into one hub to visualize key metrics, data and information about the entire picture of your social media activity. This provides information for deeper insight and proactive marketing. 1. Executive insight 2. Organization-wide intel 3. Event management 4. Crisis management 5. Customer service and community
  3. 3. “As the nation’s leading provider of Social Command Center design, construction, configuration, and training, HootSuite provides a powerful toolset to activate our own social platforms and respond to customer opportunities. We find that there is no better way to activate enterprise employees across vast corporate departments than leveraging the HootSuite Enterprise platform and Social Command Center dashboards.” Matt Murphy, CEO Ideacage
  4. 4. 1. Provide live social media data for executive insight Social media is still a relatively new marketing channel for organizations. However, due to its ability to directly interact with customers, executives are very interested in keeping up-todate on customer sentiment and engagement. What are people saying about our brand right now? How many people like our brand and are talking about it on Facebook? HootSuite Command Center allows you to: • Showcase results of recent social media campaigns • Monitor client sentiment and what is being said online, in real-time, about your brand • Visualize information to demonstrate the ROI of your social media strategy HootSuite helped create and analyze reports. From these reports, MLS gained insight on the levels of social engagement, as well as the ROI of the social media strategy. Major League Soccer Case Study, HootSuite
  5. 5. 2. A hub for organization-wide intel and competitive edge Information is power–especially when it comes to business. But with all of the articles, messages and news flying around online, how do you ensure that you and your team are equipped with the essential data needed to be one step ahead of your competitors? HootSuite gives us a lot more comfort that we can have hundreds and hundreds of our employees representing our business in social. HootSuite Command Center allows you to: • Empower your team with the latest data on your brand, your competition and industry influencers • Communicate team goals and KPIs to the organization • Keep ahead of the game by spotting emerging market trends Peter Aceto, CEO, ING Direct
  6. 6. 3. Ensure event management and fan engagement Events bring together thousands–even hundreds of thousands–of participants and knowledge experts to share ideas, cheer on the home team and celebrate interests. But they no longer take place only in the physical space. We are now seeing attendees, participants and fans, present or not, engaging in event chatter online, anddisseminating dialogue further than ever before. FSC worked closely with HootSuite to create a very comprehensive system for monitoring and tracking questions, looking for all conversations taking place within a ten–mile radius of the French Quarter. HootSuite Command Center allows you to: • Increase event engagement through online discussion of event themes and activities • Monitor event-specific sentiment in real-time • Drive amplification of key event and brand messages with both physical attendees as well as your online community Tiffany Starnes, VP FSC Interactive Super Bowl XLVII Social Media Command Center
  7. 7. 4. Minimize the impact of a crisis Are your employees ready to act together in an efficient manner when an emergency strikes? Wellconnected teams can be integral at times when immediate, corrective action is needed to protect your brand, such as a product recall or natural disasters like a hurricane or flood. The ability of your teams to effectively and professionally tackle a crisis is important to the reputation of your whole organization. HootSuite Command Center allows you to: • Consolidate information to spot early indications of a crisis • Organize and streamline response efforts throughout the organization • Monitor crisis-specific sentiment about your brand Crisis management is about making sure the information people need is consistent, accurate, and easy to access. Rachel Haot, NYC Chief Digital Officer
  8. 8. 5. Better customer service and community building Phone lines are no longer the most effective channel to deal with unhappy customers. Organizations harness the power of social media to ensure they are staying ahead of the curve in customer satisfaction and community engagement. HootSuite Command Center allows you to: • Enable a faster response to customer inquiries and complaints • Spot widespread issues with your product or services in a timely fashion • Track and see the full impact of marketing on customer service • Watch your communities and keep them engaged • Enhance relationships with communities through tailored messaging and promotions Without something like HootSuite - departments and individuals would bump into each other [...] HootSuite has been invaluable to making sure that we are working as efficiently as possible and making sure that we are serving the consumer the fastest and the best that we can. Tan Lam, Social Media Manager, Airbnb
  9. 9. About HootSuite Enterprise HootSuite Command Center HootSuite Enterprise is designed for organizations that want to drive, and connect, business goals with social media efforts. Securely deploy broad social programs that empower employees to participate in social, regardless of department, function or geography. Provide executive insights on your entire social media footprint, and feed social data into existing systems for CRM, customer service and compliance. HootSuite Command Center is used by organizations around the world, spanning industries from government to media & entertainment and beyond. To learn more about the advanced business capabilities of HootSuite Command Center visit: Beyond tools and features, HootSuite Enterprise enhances the value that social media provides by seamlessly integrating all social media efforts with existing systems and structures. enterprise.hootsuite.com hootsuite.com/commandcenter @hootbusiness /hootsuitebusiness /company/hootsuite /+hootsuite