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Evautlation prese

  1. 1. Ancillary Conventions of digipak & advertisement Shazad Edwards
  2. 2. Font – Having loads of different fonts on a digipak will make things confusing to read at times also the presentation wouldn’t look appealing to the audience. Here, the artist Chip uses two main fonts, changing it once on his name so it could stand out. Having two main fonts makes the digipak stand out and look neat when wanting to read the information displayed. Colour – When it comes to colour on a digipak, it is good to have a limit of colours and also colours that correspond and go with each other. Here, Chip uses three main colours Blue, White and Red. These colours all go together and standout as a whole. The white colour makes the artist name and also the track list standout and easy to catch the attention of the audience. Image – The image on the front cover of the digipak should break the 4th rule because as a artist you would want your fans to have a connection with you from the moment they see your album. Having one main image on the front of the artist and another on the back with the same connection is really useful when trying to promote the artist.
  3. 3. Font – In relation to my digipak I took inspiration from Chip and kept the font to a minimum only using two main fonts and changing the font for the artist name so it could stand out and attract the audience. Also, it is clear and easy to understand and fits in well with everything making it easy to read. Colour – When I was making the digipak I stuck to two main colours Black and Blue as I thought they would both stand out together. The background colour being a lighter blue allowed the other darker colours again to standout. The black over the blue I thought would make the text clearer to read such as the track list and artist name in particular. Image – The image I went with I wanted to the artist to break the 4th rule and connect with his audience just like my inspiration Chip done. Also, I wanted to show the hand gesture being able to link it to synergy and to be the focus point of making the artist standout. Another image of the artist on the back cover showing synergy really trying to promote himself to the audience.
  4. 4. When making my advertisement cover I had to take into consideration that I was a new, fresh up coming artist so I had to make sure I made it available everywhere possible for the target to have easy access to. By including social networking as a way of promoting it, I knew that it would be easy to find. By following the conventions its allowing me to promote my album effectively. Keeping the theme the same with the colour and image will make it noticeable for the audience. Chip uses the same image and the album name on his advertisement. But he didn’t include any social media sites. This is because he is already a known artist and has his target audience on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and post regular updates on his albums/mixtapes so this already gives him a advantage when trying to promote himself.
  5. 5. I wanted to follow the conventions of my genre I was aiming at which was R&B and not go against it. I wanted my digipak to look colourful and bright and have a strong nice picture as that would go nicely with the genre. Whereas if you look at Chip’s album cover its kind of dark and he used dark colours to go with the Rap/Hip-Hop genre he is in.