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Creating Audio Tasks and Projects with Learners

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Find resources at http://bit.ly/eltlinks

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Creating Audio Tasks and Projects with Learners

  1. On the Air! Teaching with Audio Recording Tools & Apps Bit.ly/eltlinks ShellyTerrell.com
  2. Radio  is  the  most   in-mate  and   socially  personal   medium  in  the   world.     ~  Harry  von  Zell
  3. Brainstorm Research Record Podcast by lordelo, Flickr Edit Mobile Podcast Studio by Mediageek, Flickr Broadcast
  4. Possible projects…
  5. Readwritethink.org
  6. Readwritethink.org
  7. Write a script
  8. Readwritethink.org
  9. Audacity   Garageband   Software
  10. Garageband
  11. Soundation
  12. Host at Podomatic.com
  13. Drive.google.com/templates
  14. Freesound.org
  15. Audio Recording Tools
  16. Character Texts Vocaroo.com •  mail  &  save  recordings     E •  mbed  on  a  blog,  wiki,  site   E •  essages  can  be  saved   M onto  your  computer   •  o  registra;on  is  required,   N •  ith  registra;on  you  can   w access  your  last  recordings   •  ou  can  rerecord  messages   Y
  17. Voxopop.com- Participate in Talk groups Bit.ly/eltmoocvox Doesn’t work in Chrome!
  18. Voxopop.com/group/a84c8ef6-4a22-4821-9c71-b6b9e0cbc1c4
  19. Prezi.com
  20. Present.me
  21. Drive.google.com
  22. Do more with Google Drive apps
  23. Add Voice Comments to Docs
  24. Open With Kaizena
  25. Kaizena
  26. Kaizena
  27. Goanimate.com
  28. Voicethread.com •  ree iPad app F •  tudents doodle, S comment by voice/ text •  pload videos, U images, documents
  29. Voicethread.com/share/5159099/ Bit.ly/eltmoocvt
  30. Voicethread.com
  31. Record & edit audio with your mobile device!
  32. Kids Picture Dictionary IOS App https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kids-picture-dictionary-educational/id482972824?mt=8
  33. Audioboo IOS/Android
  34. ipadio.com •  roadcast, record, B play back & share audio up to 60 minutes. •  ecord by phone R or the app •  dd up to 4 photos A •  reat for G podcasting
  35. Character Texts Voxer IOS/Android App •  ecord  voice   R messages,  share   pics,  text   •  synchrous   A •  ives  you  a  link   G for  IOS   •  roup  chats  for   G 500  
  36. ChatterPix IOS Free App
  37. Tellagami IOS/Android App Customize a character, choose or upload a background, record your voice or text-to-speech Tellagami.com
  38. Educreations
  39. EnglishStoryTime.pbworks.com
  40. Teacherrebootcamp.com/free-ebooks/listening/
  41. ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/listen321