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Engaging Learners with Humor

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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies http://hackingdls.com & Learning to Go https://gum.co/learn2go
Resources http://shellyterrell.com/humor

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Engaging Learners with Humor

  1. ShellyTerrell.com/humor Ways to Engage Language Learners with Humor
  2. I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. - Dr. Seuss Image: Savannah by ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  3. Our students come to us with all types of stress!
  4. I’m hungry! I’m tired! I don’t understand! I’m having a bad day!
  5. Work stress! Traffic! Arguments!
  6. Supports relationship building Prepares the mind for learning Benefits of Humor Enhances the classroom atmosphere ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  7. Photo by Renato Ganoza, Flic.kr/p/7nWZuD Humor can relax students before testing
  8. Helps teachers avoid burn-out!
  9. Some tips! ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  10. Play a funny character! ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  11. Silly Puppets ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  12. Have fun with the delivery!
  13. App.giflingua.com
  14. abcya.com/animate.htm
  15. Giphy.com
  16. Memes Memegenerator.net
  17. Choose humorous teaching content
  18. Pinterest.com/shellyterrell/favorite-children-s-authors
  19. Penguinrandomhouse.com/series/OGS/omg-shakespeare
  20. Ted.com/playlists/235/the_funniest_ted_talks
  21. Grammarmancomic.com
  22. EmojiScience.com
  23. Joke Mingle • Students memorize a joke • Have students in pairs facing each other. • Give them 30 seconds to a minute to tell their jokes. • Blow the whistle. They must tell their jokes to different students. • Optional: a checklist- Was it funny? Did you get it?
  24. JokeBingo
  25. Humorous Websites, Tools & Apps ShellyTerrell.com/humor
  26. Plotagon.com
  27. Blabberize.com Talking Pictures
  28. Zimmertwins.com
  29. dvolver.com
  30. Voki.com Web, iOS & Android App
  31. Mouth Mover iOS App
  32. Chatterpix Kids iOS App
  33. iFunFace iOS App
  34. Funny Movie Maker iOS App
  35. Animate Me Funny Face Swap iOS App
  36. Talking Ben & Tom News IOS/Android
  37. Sock Puppets iOS app
  38. Puppet Pals HD iPad & Pocket iOS
  39. Toontastic iPad App
  40. Learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/make-your-own/make-your-monster
  41. @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Gum.co/learn2go ShellyTerrell.com/humor 30Goals.com TeacherRebootCamp.com HackingDLS.com AmericanTESOL.com