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Evernole IOS/ Android App Wotlwiit Mobile Research: Notetaking and Bookmarking

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Evernole IOS/ Android App

Wotlwiit diary

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Maktng Wilitts More Social

Add attaclttttettt

We‘ve entered the world of web 2.0 and one ot
and participatory nature ot websites Educators
make t

List the vocabulary and grammar the students 2

Conduct a parent workshop to teach parents how to help their children play the games
and reinforce the language at home

Supptement the games with related songs, stories. finger plays. activities and/ or videos
In the English Story Time wiki, l list an English story the student can read that relates to
the theme in the game

Have students use other web 2.0 tools to provide support and excitement for the game
Have students design their game characters using the Voki website or upload drawings
ot their characters in Blaboenze

Have students write reviews of each game and how they believe the gaming experience
can be improved Encourage the students to share this with the game designer, because
they will be motivated it the game designer responds.

Adding the “soclal" to game~based learning.

Have you watched anyone recently play a game on their Wii or PS3? You will notice that
these games have virtual worlds and that players can speak through headsets to other
players that are located in another part of the world. Several at our students already play
these games and they enioy them, because they get to compete with others, complete
tasks with others. and interact with others. Language is learned through social
interaction so it is important to add this dimension to the games we choose tor our
language learners to play. Wikis are great tools tor adding the social networking aspect
to your game-based curriculum

Fmhert a Wallwisher an stiidents mn P.3SllI and in naminn HES

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