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Motivating English Learners to Blog

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My books- Hacking Digital Learning Strategies http://hackingdls.com & Learning to Go https://gum.co/learn2go
Resources at http://ShellyTerrell.com/blogging

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Motivating English Learners to Blog

  1. SHELLYTERRELL.COM/BLOGGING @SHELLTERRELL Get Students Blogging or Journaling!!
  2. “A blog is in many ways a continuing conversation.” - Andrew Sullivan
  3. Ways we read & write
  4. Photo by University of Salford, Flic.kr/p/ 7Mzbdi … people said,“… Look at Jane Austen and all her lovely letters! Oh, the children these days: they don’t keep diaries any more …” But what do they do now? They write blogs, which are diaries ... In fact, they’re writing more than Jane Austen could ever have done. - David Crystal
  5. Edublogs.org
  6. Blogs Widgets! Comments! Tagging! Analytics! Reblogging! Embedding!
  7. Youngclovers.blogspot.com
  8. mrstoutsblog.blogspot.com
  9. Class blog Student blog
  10. How do I motivate students to blog?
  11. • Post an image • Students create a short poem, haiku, or 6 word story inspired by the image
  12. Incorporate authentic materials ♫♬♭♮♪
  13. • Describe an event you observed in a series of pictures. Ex. animal in its habitat.
  14. Topic: Hobbies Post a picture of one of your favorite hobbies & describe why you enjoy it. Photo/ video challenges Theme: Fractions Find an example of a fraction. Create a word problem inspired by this image with that fraction as the answer. Cell phone camera by L-ines, Flickr
  15. Greta Sandler’s Class, Kidblog.org/ourgoodnews Have them embed their digital creations!
  16. Change the writing environment! Salvate l'ambiente: leggete su iPad by paz.ca, Flickr
  17. Use music
  18. Photo by Ross Goodman: Flic.kr/p/ddRBxr Send them on journalism missions!
  19. Photo by Flickingerbrad: Flic.kr/p/b9wFbv Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light. - Joseph Pulitzer Writing for an audience
  20. Livingtextbook.aaja.org
  21. Getting Comments!
  22. Quadblogging.net
  23. Comments4kids.blogspot.com #Comments4Kids
  24. Always educate and include parents! Macbook by Swansea Photographer Tyson Francis, Flickr
  25. Parent Comments on Greta’s Blog
  26. Bit.ly/bloglivebinder1
  27. Create a safe environment! Prevent bullying Build relationships Support effective group work Build classroom culture & community Reassess your assessment Teach citizenship Improve motivation
  28. Gret.wordpress.com “The blog was awesome. I wrote stories and Marcos, my uncle who lives in Spain, read them and left comments for me!“ “People READ our blog. Greta read our blog too, but we got comments from all over the world” “The blog was the best, I blogged all the time, when I was happy, sick, bored… all the time!“ “I blogged about everything I like: my friends, my pet, my thoughts. I even blogged when I was sick and couldn’t come to school“ “I blogged about my passion: rugby” “I wrote about our country and things that were important to me”
  29. @ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Bit.ly/hackshelly ShellyTerrell.com/blogging 30Goals.com TeacherRebootCamp.com AmericanTESOL.com/blogger Youtube.com/user/atesol Gum.co/learn2go