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Sending Students on Learning Missions

  1. Sending Students on Learning MISSIONS Photo by Quentin.HLB: Flic.kr/p/88Mxef ShellyTerrell.com/webinars
  2. What you teach lives beyond textbooks, tests, and worksheets.
  3. Photo by Lauro Roger McAllister, lrmck.com, Flic.kr/p/eqqmuT You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. - Clay P. Bedford
  4. Photo by WhiteDesertSun: Flic.kr/p/9sKc8Z Your MISSION: Send students on learning missions
  5. MISSION: Transform an assignment, test, quiz, or project into a meaningful mission BADGE: Learner Challenger CLAIM IT: Credly.com/claim/21346/F50-B50B-105
  6. Bit.ly/intefshelly
  7. Complete the fractions on p. 20 and the word problems on p. 21
  8. Complete the fractions on p. 20 and the word problems on p. 21
  9. Who wants to go on a mission? Photo  by  kindercapes,  Flic.kr/p/9FeqjQ  
  10. SITUATION: We are surrounded by fractions. They decide how much or little we get in life so it’s important we can figure them out. MISSION: Take pictures of 10 fractions and create 4 word problems with these pictures to give to peers to solve.
  11. How do I create missions?
  12. Choose homework or a project from your current curriculum
  13. 328-­‐  Nov  23th,  2012  -­‐  Life  of  a  Riyadh  Teenager  #365photoAR  by  Waleed  Alzuhai,  Flickr   People don’t have a propensity for laziness. People have a propensity for hard work. It just needs to be work that matters to them. - Jane McGonigal
  14. Set up the scenario …
  15. Photo by Ross Goodman: Flic.kr/p/ddRBxr Keep your learner in mind!
  16. SITUATION: The mayor is ridding the city of graffiti unless he is convinced it is art or serves a purpose. MISSION: Create a persuasive presentation you will show the mayor and his staff. The presentation should include photos of the graffiti you want to keep, the location, your reasoning and support.
  17. Include tools, word bank, apps, or resources!
  18. TOOL: Prezi RESOURCE: Alan M. Forster, Samantha Vettese-Forster, John Borland, (2012) "Evaluating the cultural significance of historic graffiti", Structural Survey, Vol. 30 Iss: 1, pp.43 - 64
  19. (Girl) Scout Troopers by JD Hancock, Flic.kr/p/8jBfQv Add a badge or points
  20. BADGE: Claim at Makewav.es/badges/9061 POINTS: 50
  21. Wiki.mozilla.org/Badges
  22. BadgeBingo.com
  23. The badge should be appealing
  24. Credly.com/u/shellyterrell
  25. Openbadges.me/designer.html
  26. Openclipart.org – Free public domain images
  27. Pdclipart.org
  28. Futureofeducation.com/page/rscon5-digital-badges
  29. Photo  by  kindercapes,  Flic.kr/p/9FbtQz   Where Do We Find our Mission?
  30. Buncee.com
  31. Blendspace.com
  32. Smore.com
  33. Image  by  Adam  Bellow,  Founder     Educlipper.net & iOS App
  34. BiteSlide.com
  35. Touchcast IOS App • Create interactive, clickable videos with a built-in teleprompter, green screen, visual filters, sound effects, titles & more
  36. Pearltrees.com/shellyterrell/digital-badges/id11953981
  37. Gum.co/learn2go Amazon.com/Shelly-Sanchez-Terrell/e/B00L2Q8CV0 ShellyTerrell.com/webinars Twitter.com/ShellTerrell Facebook.com/ShellyTerrell Google.com/+ShellySanchezTerrell