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Teaching the "T" in STEM: Technology for Young Learners

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Teaching the "T" in STEM: Technology for Young Learners

  1. Teaching the “T “ in ST EMTechnology for Young Learners ShellyTerrell.com/TechYLs @ShellTerrell
  2. SHELLYTERRELL.COM/TECHYLS @SHELLTERRELL “… all children could and should be inventors of their own theories, critics of other people’s ideas, analyzers of evidence, and makers of their own personal marks on this most complex world.” - Deborah Meier (2002)
  3. Keyboarding Word Processing Coding Digital Storytelling Animation Cybersafety Spreadsheets Presentations Mouse Practice ShellyTerrell.com/TechYLs Paint Design Digital Research Cyberbullying Hardware GBL3D Printing Digital Wellness Computer Care ARVR Virtual Speakers Global Collaboration
  4. Cyh.com/HealthTopics/HealthTopicDetailsKids.aspx?p=335&np=285&id=3006
  5. Keyboarding & Mouse Practice
  6. Mousepractice.altervista.org
  7. Upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0d/QWERTY-home- keys-position.svg/2000px-QWERTY-home-keys-position.svg.png
  8. Dance Mat Typing bbc.com/bitesize/articles/z3c6tfr
  9. Typetastic.com
  10. ShellyTerrell.com/Games Code.orgScratch MIT TinyTap GetKathoot StencylSketchNation GameSalad Purpose Games ClassTools Game Maker 3D SploderGamestar Mechanic What2Learn Kodu Adventure Game Studio Made With Code Unreal Engine Unity 3D YoYo Games Gamefroot Tynker Hopscotch Code Avengers Flowlab Code or design games! Kodable
  11. LEGOs => Block Coding
  12. Kodable.com
  13. Kodable.com
  14. Tynker.com/dashboard/student/#/dashboard
  15. Tinytap.it
  16. Software
  17. Alicekeeler.com/2015/05/24/google-sheets-create-pixel-art
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  19. Design / Paint / Blue Print / 3D Print 3D Paint
  20. Sketch.io
  21. Teachoutsidethebox.com/2017/03/top-3-free-apps-stem
  22. Tinkercad.com 3D Printing & Coding
  23. Tinkercad.com 3D Printing & Coding
  24. Other Recommended Websites
  25. Bubbl.us
  26. Mystorybook.com
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  28. Makebeliefscomix.com/Comix/
  29. Abcya.com/games/animate
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  32. Kids.wordsmyth.net/wild
  33. Ducksters.com
  34. STEAM Learning Environments