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What Fun! Comics for Learning

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Find resources at http://Pear.ly/bYc3P

What Fun! Comics for Learning

  1. What Fun! Learning with Comic Tools & Apps ShellyTerrell.com
  2. At a young age, I was interested in comic books, which was really how I learnt to read. ~Nicolas Cage Superhero by Rainy Monday, Flickr
  3. Use as reading material 2009-03-19 Kids Comic Book Store by Juverna, Flickr
  4. Wimpykid.com
  5. Teachingbooks.net/media/pdf/AB/WIMPY_ACTIVITES.pdf
  6. Marvel Comics App Character Texts •  tudents get in pairs S •  hey chose character T they want to be •  hey text to each other T a conversation they imagine the 2 characters would have now •  ake screen shots, post T on blog & discuss
  7. Idea: Use it as a writing prompt Makebeliefscomix.com 350+ Free Printables
  8. Idea: Recreate the chapter as a comic Comic Head Lite
  9. Pride & Prejudice by Raquel León Jimenez, Pixton.com
  10. Idea: Create dialogues Toondoo.com
  11. Idea: Introduce a Lesson
  12. ComicLife.com Idea: Summarize Readings
  13. Idea: Teach idioms, vocabulary or phrases Pixton.com
  14. Idea: Post an interview
  15. Idea: Explore societal issues Stripgenerator.com
  16. Idea: Explore language in jokes
  17. Explore Political Issues Wittycomics.com
  18. Idea: Introduce yourself or another person
  19. Idea: Show how to accomplish a goal http://www.garfield.com/fungames/comiccreator.html
  20. Idea: Explore the meaning behind quotes
  21. Idea: Give visual instructions Howtoons.com
  22. Idea: Highlight the rules
  23. Idea: Explore various definitions of a word
  24. Idea: Visualize research Spinweaveandcut.com Nick Sousanis, a student from Columbia University, writes his dissertation in comic book form
  25. Cool Tools & Apps
  26. Friendstrip IOS/Android Friendstrip.com
  27. Create Comics/Videos with Figures in Literature CreazaEducation.com
  28. Zoodle Comic IOS App
  29. Makebeliefscomix.com
  30. Chogger.com http://digitalstorytellingevo2013.posthaven.com/trying-out-chogger
  31. More Ideas
  32. Rubistar.4teachers.org
  33. http://www.scoop.it/t/comics-and-cartoons
  34. civitaquana.blogspot.com/search/label/comics
  35. Bookmarks at Pear.ly/bYc3P
  36. ShellyTerrell.com Pear.ly/bYc3P