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McGill 042216

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McGill 042216

  1. 1. M I C H E L L E R . M C G I L L , S H R M - C P , P H R M RM CGIL L 20 0 0@ YA HO O. C OM PHONE 918-440- 2 52 5 HUMAN RESOURCES EXECUTIVE PROFESSIONAL PROFILE  Dynamic Human Resource Executive with 12 years of hands-on Human Resources experience. Director level since 2008  Ethical, credible, responsive and decisive self-starter with excellent communication skills.  Empathetic leader promoting high employee trust and engagement.  Liability partner with a proven track record in risk management.  Proactive, strategic, well organized, results-oriented, integrity based leader. ►AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Strategic & Business Planning  Contract Negotiation & Management  Budget Development & Administration  Organizational Management  Employee Relations  Initiating and Updating Policy  Benefits Administration  Talent Management & Onboarding  Compensation Strategies  Payroll Administration  Proactive Leadership  Financial Efficiency & Accountability  Data Management  Conflict Management EXECUTIVE COMPETENCIES ►LEADERSHIP  Implementation and management of a successful risk management safety program.  Health plan development via results oriented and proactive management from 2006 to present.  Negotiation with union groups - obtaining contracts in tight economic conditions.  Authorized Agent for Retirement Plan -Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution  Plan Administrator for Nationwide & ICMA 457 plans.  Selected and managed Consultants, EAP and Employee Attorneys.  Conversion of personnel files, I-9 and Workers’ Comp documents to electronic records. ►FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT  Development of a $2.7M self-insured health and dental plan.  Conducted annual salary surveys, analyzed results and implemented revisions to salary plan.  Implemented and updated position classifications for Bartlesville workforce.  Processing of $14M payroll, annual and quarterly reporting and W-2 creation.  EEO-4 Reporting, and the reporting and payment of PCORI and Transitional Reinsurance Fees.  Assisted employees with retirement planning and conducted exit interviews.
  2. 2. MICHELLE R. MCGILL ►ADMINISTRATION  Production of annual notices to employees, HIPAA opt-out reporting to Medicare.  Successfully defended multiple EEOC and DOL employee complaints.  Designated Employer representative (DER) for DOT Drug and Alcohol Program. Implemented policy updates, scheduled random testing and required programs and follow-ups for positives.  Selected vendors and plans for employee voluntary benefits.  Performed on-boarding of employees to include post-offer testing and benefits orientation.  Organizing and conducting annual open enrollment benefits meetings and changes to benefits.  Conducted pre-disciplinary hearings, terminations, appeals and discipline management. WORK HISTORY City ofBartlesville – Bartlesville OK HR Director, Director for Library, History Museum & Cemetery 09/2015-Present HR Assistant, HR Generalist, HR Manager & HR Director (Director 2/25/08) 2003 – 09/2015 Customer Service Manager (Utility & Misc. Billing & Receivables) 2000 - 2003 Personal Computer Support Specialist 1999 - 2000 Secretary IV – Accounting & Finance 1998 - 1999 Secretary I, III, IV –Engineering 1990 - 1998 Account Clerk I – Accounting & Finance 1989 - 1990 BancOklahoma Mortgage Corp. – Tulsa OK Investor Accountant 1986 – 1989 EDUCATION Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Bartlesville, OK Bachelors - Business Administration & Management CERTIFICATIONS SHRM-CP–Certified Professional, Society of Human Resource Mgmt PHR – Professionalin Human Resources accreditation from HRCI MEMBERSHIPS, BOARDS AND ASSOCIATIONS Society for Human Resources Management Membership (SHRM) Tulsa Area Human Resources Association Membership (TAHRA) Leadership Bartlesville Class XIX OK Federal Credit Union - Board Member Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma - Board Member Washington County Anti-Drug Network – Volunteer Position