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Leed brochure sherryl jacobs

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Whitehorse Yukon's newest commercial downtown real estate property now available for lease.
MLS #7736
Visit www.sherryljacobs.ca

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Leed brochure sherryl jacobs

  1. 1. is pleased to present104 Elliott St
  2. 2. 104 ELLIOTT ST. is the first new office tower to be built in the downtown commercial core of Whitehorse in many years. Located within short walking distance of all the banks, restaurants, post office and other Main Street amenities, this building will be an outstanding addition to our vibrant city and a most desirable ad- dress for decades to come.
  3. 3. Leed Dog is a group comprised of its main shareholder The Dakwakada Development Corp.and four local businesspeople. Their vision is to provide Whitehorse with a high performanceClass A steel and concrete building designed to the exacting standards of North America’smost demanding green rating system, LEED*.the LEED(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) systemis an internationally accepted benchmark for the design and construction of high perfor-mance green buildings. LEED promotes a whole building approach to sustainability that em-phasizes five key areas: *Sustainable site development *water efficiency *energy efficiency *materials selection *indoor environment qualityBriefly, a LEED designed building is constructed to minimize its impact on the environmentwhile maximizing the benefits to its tenants. The focus on energy and water efficiency will en-sure that the building will continue to operate with a reduced environmental impact long intothe future. HIGH Efficiency LOW water consumption fixtures are usedthroughout the building , a bicycle storage room and a shower facility will encourage you toleave the car at home and the lease space will be flooded with natural daylight. The emphasison the indoor environment will provide the tenants with an exceptionally healthy and produc-tive workplace. This relationship between a healthy environment and productivity is increas-ingly recognized as clear, direct and substantial. Healthy Environment