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Book Summary: Legacy

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By James Kerr

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Book Summary: Legacy

  1. 1. Legacy What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life James Kerr
  2. 2. The New Zealand All Blacks Rugby team have won 77 % of their matches since they started in 1903.
  3. 3. When the opposition play against the All Blacks, they come up against a ritual – the haka. The haka is an identity, a culture, a ethos, a belief system.
  4. 4. Successful leaders balance pride with humility, absolute pride in performance , total humility before the magnitude of the task.
  5. 5. The challenge is to always improve, to get even better when you are the best.
  6. 6. The all Blacks clean up their own dressing room after every match, reminding everyone that champions are never too big to do the small things.
  7. 7. A collection of talented individuals without personal discipline will ultimately fail.
  8. 8. ‘Winning takes talent, to repeat it takes character’- John Wooden
  9. 9. Performance = capability+ behavior
  10. 10. Our values decide our character, our character decides our value.
  11. 11. A culture of asking and re asking fundamental questions cuts away unhelpful beliefs in order to achieve clarity of execution. Humility allows us to ask a simple question like how can we do this better?
  12. 12. Humility does not mean weakness, it is the opposite, a strength
  13. 13. A winning organization is an environment of personal and professional development in which each individual takes responsibility and shares ownership.
  14. 14. Organizational decline is inevitable unless leaders prepare for change – even when standing at the pinnacle of success.
  15. 15. Excellence is a process of evolution, of cumulative learning, of incremental improvement
  16. 16. Enlightened leadership promotes a structured system for the development of the team, combined with a tailored map for the development of the individual.
  17. 17. The All blacks learn from psychologists, a eye coach, war heroes, they learn from as many sources to raise the bar.
  18. 18. Successful leaders push beyond their own field to discover new approaches.
  19. 19. A winning team is one that is more frequently in the flow than the opposition
  20. 20. No one is bigger than the team and individual brilliance does not automatically lead to outstanding results.
  21. 21. Embrace expectations, aim for the highest cloud
  22. 22. You should not fear losing but the fear of not doing something properly
  23. 23. Successful leaders have high internal benchmarks. They set their expectations high and try to exceed them
  24. 24. Intensity of preparation- training to win – conditions the brain and body to perform under pressure. It lets peak performance become automatic, it develops the mindset to win.
  25. 25. In business, training is seen as a soft option and is limited to the away day or retreat. However, effective training is intense , regular and repetitious.
  26. 26. Training with intensity accelerates personal growth.
  27. 27. In any game played with the body, it’s the head that counts
  28. 28. The best leaders remain true to their deepest values. They lead their own life and others follow.
  29. 29. Bad faith occurs when peer pressure and social forces combine to have us disown our own values.
  30. 30. High performing teams promote a culture of honesty, authenticity and safe conflict.
  31. 31. Honesty = Integrity= Authenticity=Resilience=Performance
  32. 32. Champions do extra
  33. 33. True or not, stories are the way we understand life and our place in it.
  34. 34. True leaders are stewards of the future. They take responsibility for adding to the legacy.
  35. 35. The cynics are in a company fo0r the money – Cynics have no traction in dinner parties or in a eulogy
  36. 36. The word character comes from the Greek word kharakter- meaning the mark that is left on a coin during manufacturing