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Call for issues igf2019 by shreedeep rayamajhi

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Call for issues igf2019 by shreedeep rayamajhi

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Call for issues igf2019 by shreedeep rayamajhi

  1. 1. Call for Issues for IGF 2019 IGF 2019 Call for Issues Please note: This is a call for issues, not a call for sessions or workshop proposals. We are asking for issues of high interest to stakeholders across the world. In order to structure the proposals more easily, we are suggesting a few categories that you can attribute to your issue. If you think that your suggestion does not fit into one of the categories, please propose a new one. Please suggest only one issue per form, but feel free to send us as many suggestions as you wish! For reference, the issues proposed last year are available. If you have an IGF Community account, you can load your profile data in the form below. (If you do not have an IGF Community account yet, you can create one now and re-access this form -and any other in the future- with your profile data). Current submissions are available for consultation. Deadline for submissions: Thursday 24 January 2019 In 2 -3 sentences suggest an issue that you would like to see progressed at the annual IGF Meeting? * Participation of developing world in the Artificial Intelligence Governance is highly important. AI is wrongly interpreted, so to bridge the gap developing world should be part of the AI Governance. Max 200 characters Any further comments? Currently the big internet organization like Facebook and Google are capturing and testing AI algorithms to capture big data where developed nations are aware of the issues and they have been questioning about the breach. Whereas, lower economies first there is no awareness and AI has been portrait as a threat where the developing nation are unaware of the current use of being a lab rat for the internet organization and yet we fear of AI. It is highly important that these economies are brought to table adapting their values to the governance in a more feasible and efficient way. Mutistakeholder approach needs to be adopted in AI governance where proper development of human core values needs to set or else it will create a big gap where externalities will further flourish.
  2. 2. Call for Issues for IGF 2019 ___________________ Shreedeep Rayamajhi ICT4D Consultant Founder Rayznews|Learn Internet Governance https://icannwiki.org/Shreedeep_Rayamajhi