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Collaborative community development program learn ig

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The presentation was made at APSIG2017 in view of BoF discussing about Proposal of IGF2017 and how to make the Asia Pacific more stronger in the coming days in IGF

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Collaborative community development program learn ig

  1. 1. Collaborative Community Development Program,Youth on the table: Learn-IG Shreedeep Rayamajhi APSIG 2017 BangkokThailand
  2. 2. What is Learn IG ? Learn Internet Governance = Local resources+ knowledge + experience + best practice + multistakeholder concept Open knowledge sharing platform for easy access of information created by youth leaders for knowledge sharing and capacity building Objective • Sharing information and talking more about internet governance issues • Utilization of knowledge • Focusing more youth interventions for LDC and developing nations • Giving people an idea about internet events • Providing information and resources • Facilitator of IG communication • Many more
  3. 3. Operation Model: Open Forum Website Social media
  4. 4. Key Points: - Sustainability - Cooperation and Network - Collaboration - Diversity - Zero funding - Promotes youth Leadership - Youth on the table Achievements: - Created a network of people and collaborating - Holding small group discussion and awareness program - Research reports - Recommendations to various IG activities
  5. 5. MainTopic for IGF 2017 discussion: • Youth on theTable • Leadership opportunity for youth • Youth Participation in Internet Governance Process • Youth fellowship and scope • Youth Awareness and communication • Collaborative awareness concept • Awareness program and its sustainability • Funding option available • Indicators and players of IG • Role of fellowship and scholars