diagnostics prognosis types congestive heart failure management dm diabetes prediabetes sokal index for cml tki therapy for cml allogenic stem cell transplant treatment of cml phases of cml pathophysiology of cml etiology of cml cml incidence 22) t(9 philadelphia chromosome bcr abl1 gene cml chronic myeloid leukemia immunization in adults vaccination schedule cost of vaccines contraindications cdc schedule of vaccination passive immunity active immunity forms of vaccine types of vaccine adult vaccination chronic daily headache types of migraine diagnostic criteria for migraine migraine clinical evaluation secondary headache primary headache headache triggers pain producing cranial structures types of headache approach to patients with headache headache simv cpap acm cmv pressure support peep basic ventilator parameters types of mechanical ventilation termination of mechanical ventilation goals of mechanical ventilation indication modes of mechanical ventilation how to avoid hypoglycemia causes of hypoglycemia categories pathophysiology emergency treatment managment hypoglycemia in adults renal replacement therapy rrt when to initiate renal replacement therapy ckd management ckd hemodialysis chronic kidney disease history of antibiotics and resistance types of mechanism of resistance carbapenemases metallobactums enterobactericae b lactums esbl mechanism of resistance of antibiotics chemotherapy regimen markers classifications acute myeloid leukemia ovarian stromal tumors ovarian epithelium cancer reference harrison's 19th edition screening treatment staging diagnosis evaluation ovarian cancer aki secondary to sepsis secondary to acute bacteri kdigo 2012 guidelines harrison's 19th edition acute kidney injury-case management and discussion papilledema with staging pseudotumor cerebri idiopathic intracranial hypertension fundoscopic examination benign brain tumor guidelines for the management lower gi bleed screening of colorectal cancer and other medical sciences anatomy lab dissection bds lungs and heart with different views and labeling metabolic acidosis respiratory alkalosis arterial blood gas analysis metabolic alkalosis respiratory acidosis calculation of anion gap physiology of heart pathology of formation of atherosclerosis lifestyle modification epithelium disease eczema vitiligo health medicine psoriasis
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