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Top ten human resource quotes list 1

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Human Resource Quotes that will motivate and inspire you from great people...

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Top ten human resource quotes list 1

  1. 1. Motivational and Inspirational *
  2. 2. * Visit www.managementguru.net One Stop Solution For MBA Students
  3. 3. “Great Vision Without Great People Is Irrelevant.” *
  4. 4. “Human Resources Isn’t A Thing We Do. It’s The Thing That Runs Our Business.” *
  5. 5. “You Can’t Teach Employees To Smile. They Have To Smile Before You Hire Them.” *
  6. 6. “When Hiring Key Employees, There Are Only Two Qualities To Look For: Judgement And Taste. Almost Everything Else Can Be Bought By The Yard.” *
  7. 7. “Recently, I Was Asked If I Was Going To Fire An Employee Who Made A Mistake That Cost The Company $600,000. No, I Replied, I Just Spent $600,000 Training Him. Why Would I Want Somebody To Hire His Experience?” *
  8. 8. “You Can Have The Best Strategy And The Best Building In The World, But If You Don’t Have The Hearts And Minds Of The People Who Work With You, None Of It Comes To Life.” *
  9. 9. “You Cannot Push Anyone Up The Ladder Unless He Is Willing To Climb.” *
  10. 10. “When People Go To Work, They Shouldn’t Have To Leave Their Hearts At Home.” *
  11. 11. ”Being Busy Does Not Always Mean Real Work. The Object Of All Work Is Production Or Accomplishment And To Either Of These Ends There Must Be Forethought, System, Planning, Intelligence, And Honest Purpose, As Well As Perspiration. Seeming To Do Is Not Doing.” *
  12. 12. “In Order That People May Be Happy In Their Work, These Three Things Are Needed: They Must Be Fit For It. They Must Not Do Too Much Of It. And They Must Have A Sense Of Success In It.” *
  13. 13. * Visit http://www.managementguru.net/category/human-resource/