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Leadership development for a sustainable world

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Ideas on designing leadership development that develops leadership capacity whilst also raising awareness of sustainability issues directly related to an organization & its business.

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Leadership development for a sustainable world

  1. 1. Designing leadership development for a sustainable world
  2. 2. Why Bother?
  3. 3. “Aligning sustainability strategy with internal culture and values and integrating purpose via a common brand promise are perceived as two key drivers of corporate leadership” (The 2016 Sustainable Leaders Survey, Globescan, SustainAbility, Sustainable Brands)
  4. 4. Leadership Development - an obvious place to start!
  5. 5. 5 Ways to Do It Provide the context Align on purpose Make it real Icebreakers, energizers& activities Focus on creativity & resilience of leaders
  6. 6. Context What is your organization’s sustainability strategy? How does your business operate as a ‘force for good’ ? Where are the intersections between your products/service and society/the environment? What development do your leaders need to create business that contributes to a sustainable world?
  7. 7. Create alignment between your organization’s purpose & the objectives and content of the leadership development programme - anything else will fail!
  8. 8. Ditch the ‘made up’ - say no to ‘Spider’s Web’ Make it Real
  9. 9. Design learning experiences that are embedded in the real world Make it Real
  10. 10. Real World Simulations
  11. 11. Community Projects
  12. 12. Discovery Journeys
  13. 13. Icebreakers, Energizers & Activities
  14. 14. Create icebreakers, energizers & activities that do their learning job and raise awareness of sustainability issues relevant to your organization Be creative
  15. 15. Creativity & Resilience Help them to understand this so they can access it more often! All leaders have access to their innate creativity & resilience Creative & resilient leaders are key to organizations being a ‘force for good’
  16. 16. Contact me for help with designing leadership development for a sustainable world sian@leadershipforsustainability.co.uk M: 07806 601515 www.leadershipforsustainability.co.uk