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Video Services -The Next Generation

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Brian Cappellani CTO, Sigma Systems presents at the Light Reading -Cable Next Gen Video Event for Video Services

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Video Services -The Next Generation

  1. 1. Light Reading Live: Cable Next Gen Video Strategies Video Services – The Next Generation Brian Cappellani
  2. 2. The Next Generation of Services • The service delivery paradigm is changing… • Future video service offerings will be defined by a different set of characteristics: – Greater numbers of services – Shorter service lifecycles – Personalized : “niche driven” and user-controlled – On-demand, event-driven in real-time – “Blended” – Delivered with partners – the SaaS model – “Blended” - Delivered across multiple access technologies, and large range of new devices
  3. 3. North American Video Silo • Video is a “silo” in much of North America • New Video services BSS BSS require integration & blending Service Service • Operators looking at Business Network/ Network/ Transformation to Resource Resource obtain an integrated service layer for advanced video services
  4. 4. Tru2Way • New challenges and opportunities – DSG modem activation – Application provisioning – DCAS ? • Opportunities for applications to integrate to back office for : – Self activation – Diagnostics
  5. 5. Application Enablement • Tru2Way “opens” up the Set top for application developers • Services Layer can “open” up capabilities for application developers – Subscriber authentication and authorization – Subscriber information & personalization – QoS – Fulfillment – Payments and charging
  6. 6. Thank You ! Brian Cappellani brian.cappellani@sigma-systems.com 416-365-3966