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Blogging workshop - social media

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How to grow your network using social media and blogging collectives.

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Blogging workshop - social media

  1. 1. Blogging for beginners @ U3AC Session 1: Blogging for fun, funds and fees Session 2: Exploring content Session 3: Growing your audience with social media Extra session: Blog surgery tba
  2. 2. Blog privacy: how to restrict your audience
  3. 3. Social media is a new form of mass media. It is defined as human beings having conversations and relationships through the use of online technology. Promoting a blog with social media will increase your reach and audience. Other benefits include: •* Low cost •* Personalisation •* Flexibility •* Global reach •* Measurability •* SEO Social Media
  4. 4. Facebook Originated in 2004 as a social network for recreational use. It has now been embraced by B2C businesses trying to boost engagement through competitions and interactive discussions. Some stats (2017): • 1.28 billion daily active users • 1.94 billion monthly active users •Approximately 85.8% of daily active users are outside US and Canada. How to use it • Create a Business Page (if required) • Promote events • Promote sales, promotions and offers • Get feedback • Ask questions
  5. 5. Has been around since 2007, has 271 million monthly active users and is available in over 35 languages. It’s defined as a micro-blogging platform because of its text restriction to up to 140 characters. Some stats (2016): • 313 million monthly active users • 82% of Twitter active users are on mobile • 79% of accounts are outside the U.S. How to use it •Create a Twitter profile •Follow influencers, celebrities and media personalities •Build up your following by offering/retweeting links to good content •Broadcast blog links Twitter
  6. 6. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Launched in 2005, it currently boasts over 1 billion unique users each month. Online videos have moved from entertainment to education, including “How To” videos. It is used by mass media agencies to showcase TV adverts - a one-off, 30-second TV ad does not provide the same viral potential. Some stats (2017): • Over 1 billion users • Hundreds of millions of hours of videos watched every day • Localised in 88 countries, 76 different languages covering 95% of the world’s internet population How to use it • Create a series of videos linked to your blog • Upload your videos and embed them on your blog • Use keywords to categorise videos and place a link to your blog • Spread your videos through other Social Media channels (share button) YouTube
  7. 7. Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network online. It is a great platform for finding people, recruiting staff and discussing industry topics. Members are sharing insights and knowledge with status updates and in groups. Some stats (2017): • Over 467 million members in over 200 countries, available in 24 languages • 67% of LinkedIn members are located outside the U.S. • Over 40 million students and college graduates • Over 10 million firms have Company Pages How to use it: •Create a company profile – best for B2B (if required) • Join groups and become involved in discussions • Connect with employers (if relevant) • Ask/answer questions or give/ask for recommendations • Ask for introductions LinkedIn
  8. 8. Fast-growing photo-sharing platforms launched in 2010, with Pinterest prevailing at first and now being challenged by mobile app Instagram. Pinterest stats (2017): • Over 175 million users worldwide • 50% outside the US • 80% on mobile Instagram stats (2017) • 600 million monthly active users • 400 million daily active users How to use Pinterest • Gather photos, grouped in theme boards. You can link them to a blog. • Re-pin other users’ photos (the visual equivalent of a retweet) • Launch a competition and invite users to post their best photos. How to use Instagram • Set up an account to share photos. You can edit photos in the app. • PC extensions will get Instagram on a computer but this is a phone app; most users share photos from their phones. • You can build a following by using the photos on your blog. You can have competitions… This is a channel popular with celebrities. Pinterest and Instagram
  9. 9. How to monetise your blog http://www.kiddycharts.com/blogging/blogfoster-uk-influencer-marketing/ Bloggers’ networks • @bloggerrequired - connects brands & bloggers • http://bloggers-lounge.co.uk/ • http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/media/blogger-community/ (food) • https://www.gransnet.com/ A few communities