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Super powers thanks to a spider - 28/Mar/2018 @ XPUG Milano

How a spider (diagram) supported my (personal) growth, and how you can have yours.
Slides used at Milano eXtreme Programming User Group XPug-Mi on 28/Mar/2018: https://www.meetup.com/Milano-eXtreme-Programming-User-Group/events/248798612/

Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WuF474eDG8

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Super powers thanks to a spider - 28/Mar/2018 @ XPUG Milano

  1. 1. @slongoni Super powers thanks to a spider How a spider supported my growth, and how you can have yours Simone Longoni, Agile Coach
  2. 2. @slongoni In the last period, did you grow? How can you tell? How much?
  3. 3. @slongoni In the last period, I did grow! #trapunveiled +75% YoY #goodenough?
  4. 4. @slongoni What are your criterias? Are they aligned with the others? In which direction?
  5. 5. @slongoni Someone that knows • Where you are • Where you want to go • How to go there Who can best bring you to your destination? #growthisyours
  6. 6. A possible approach
  7. 7. @slongoni A spider (diagram) could help... Self assessments Specific on roles, i.e. • Chief Technology Officers, e.g. by L.Minudel • Product Owners, e.g. by B.Overeem • Agile Coaches, e.g. by L.Minudel Axes Direction of growth Levels For progress
  8. 8. @slongoni An example: the Agile Coach self assessment - what it is Specializations Core Specializations Core
  9. 9. @slongoni An example: the AC self assessment - how to use it Suggested approach 1. Assess yourself 2. Plan your improvements 3. Track your progress (repeat) Of support... 1. Levels + Axes descriptions 2. Checklist, per level, per axis 3. Checkpoints & help
  10. 10. @slongoni Step-by-step: (1) Basic, for assessing: Levels A description per level
  11. 11. @slongoni Step-by-step: (1) Basic, for assessing: Axes Skills/Axes are described
  12. 12. @slongoni Step-by-step: (1) Basic, for assessing #trapunveiled "Improving"? OMG! FOCUS here!
  13. 13. @slongoni • (Kind of) checklist, per level, per axis • Learning resources Step-by-step: (2) Detailed, for planning impros
  14. 14. @slongoni Started with • A checkpoint each 1-2 months Level [+ Action(s) + ETA] • A GSheet [+ a coach] Added • Planned vs. Actual • Evidences to support self perception • Graphs, over time What's next, maybe • 360 Feedback, on some aspects Step-by-step: (3) Free style, for tracking progress
  15. 15. @slongoni Step-by-step: (3) Free style, for tracking progress #trapunveiled 2 2.5 3.5 Book "Lean Thinking" Book "Toyota Kata" + Whitepaper SAFe (Unfinished) books + practice
  16. 16. (My) takeaways
  17. 17. @slongoni Opportunities and risks + Offers Focus (i.e. on axes) + Alignment w/in context + Rhythm helps + Visualization is powerful + It worked (on me!) - Just a way, not the way - Subjective
  18. 18. @slongoni "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" +25% +75% +25% +75% -13% You can cheat yourself Support by others [not judgement!]
  19. 19. What is your way to improve? #consideraspider
  20. 20. thanks #growingmakesmepink
  21. 21. @slongoni Further references • PO Self assessment workshop • OKR referring to Andrew Grove, High Output Management • Where do I want to go? The objective. • How will I pace myself to see if I am getting there? The milestones / key results
  22. 22. @slongoni Further references • McKinsey, Product managers for the digital world