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Gas Liquid Engineering - Presentation Brazil

  1. September 2013
  2. Corporate Overview  Privately-owned  Founded in 1987  Approximately 250 staff  Gas and oil processing facility design, and project management  Alliance with PM Group, Ireland MISSION To lead the field in providing ingenious technical expertise, creative solutions, and responsible flexible design services to our clients. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Sour gas processing Liquids recovery Acid gas injection Natural gas hydrate handling CO2 management
  3. Core Skills Feasibility studies Conceptual design Basic engineering Detailed engineering Project management Procurement services Construction management Plant manuals Operating training Commissioning support Start-up support Operations support Trouble-shooting Gas Processing Facilities  Pipelines  Well sites  Compression  Dehydration  Sour gas processing  Liquids recovery  Sulphur plants  Acid gas injection  Carbon dioxide management Oil Processing Facilities  Terminals  Batteries  Primary processing
  4. Services  In-house: Process Engineering Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Project Engineering EIC Engineering Design/Drafting – 3D/ACADD Stress Analysis HAZOP/HAZID Regulatory (Canada) Procurement Pipeline Design Operations Support
  5. Services  Internal Alliance:  External Alliance: Electrical Engineering Control Systems (E&IC) Environmental Engineering Reservoir Engineering Materials/Corrosion
  6. Process Engineering Software BR&E Promax 3.2 – Promax is industry-recognized, robust process simulation software that will be used for general process design including amine sweetening, dehydration, fractionation, LPG recovery, sulphur plants, sour water stripping, pipelines and vessel sizing. ASPEN HYSYS® 7.3– Hysys is the benchmark process simulator, against which all others are measured. It is used as a backup tool, detailed investigation reviews, and/or a way of verifying simulator confidence. VMGSim – Comprehensive, fully interactive process simulation for oil, gas and chemical industries. VMGSim is the default simulation tool utilized at Gas Liquids Engineering. VMGSim also includes dynamic simulation capability. Fekete FAST Piper – Fekete Piper is available for use in gathering system modeling. Neotec Pipeflo – Gas Liquids Engineering has extensive experience using Neotec Pipeflo to model large gathering system pipeline networks, including use of the software for sizing pipelines as well as predicting liquid hold-up and slug volumes. Neotec also provides GLE with access to Wellflo and OLGA.
  7. Process Engineering Software ProTreat - ProTreat® software was originally developed for simulating processes for the removal of H2S, CO2, and mercaptans from a variety of high and low pressure gas streams by absorption into thermally regenerable aqueous solutions containing one or more amines. Recently added capabilities include the physical solvent DMPEG (dimethylether of polyethyleneglycol) for acid gas removal, and dehydration using triethylene glycol (TEG). The ProTreat package makes exclusive use of a column model that treats the separation as a mass transfer rate process. This completely eliminates the need for empirical adjustments to simulate new applications correctly. Equilibrium stages and user-supplied estimates of tray efficiencies and HETPs are avoided, and columns are modeled with the number of real trays and physical depth of real packing they actually contain. Compression – Gas Liquids Engineering has access to a full complement of compressor vendor software packages including: • Ariel Performance • GE Oil and Gas Viper and EZ-Size • Dresser-Rand DRSize • Cooper Cameron Cascade and Compass
  8. Project Management Software On Track Project Manager – OnTrack Project Manager is a complete, transaction-based, integrated project execution software and the most comprehensive, reliable, and fully automated procurement system for engineering professionals. PHA-Pro7 – Industry recognized software for process hazard analysis. This software is used globally for tracking project safety risks, HAZOP’s, LOPA, and safety system analyses. Primavera P6 – R8.1 –Primavera is a high-performance project management software, designed to handle large-scale, highly sophisticated and multifaceted projects. It can be used to organize projects up to 100,000 activities, and it provides unlimited resources and an unlimited number of target plans.
  9. Engineering Software - Proprietary Proprietary Software – Gas Liquids Engineering also utilizes a variety of proprietary including: • AQUAlibrium - Software designed for systems containing water, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons. • GLEWPro - A Windows application to estimate the phase, property and flowing profiles in the well bore. Enhanced by the AQUAlibirum Phase Equilibrium Engine, GLEWpro is capable of handling the phase changes in the well bore, the heat transfer between the stream and formation, and the flowing behaviors from wellhead to bottom hole. • MassTrak - An OPC client application used to monitor the streams of a gas facility and provide a detailed material balance for desired components. • GLESource - Proprietary software foe basic design calculations, preparation of data sheets and equipment sizing
  10. Design Software Advanced Steel 2012 - Advance Steel is specifically designed for structural engineers and steel detailers who require professional and easy-to-use BIM structural steel detailing software that automates the production of drawings, BOMs and NC files. Autodesk AutoCAD 2013 – Our design and drafting staff uses AutoCAD 2013 for development of engineering schematics (block flow diagrams, PFDs and P&IDs) as well as construction drawings such as site layouts (plot plans) and orthographic drawings. Autodesk Civil3D – Designing and visualizing a complex project in 3D not only helps accelerate the planning and design process, it also produces a higher-quality design. Autodesk Navisworks Simulate 2013 – Navisworks is a software package that allows users to “walk” through 3D models and review the entire site. It is primarily used for ongoing engineering and client review of 3D models throughout development, resulting in minimized re-working as a project moves into the construction phase.
  11. Design Software AutoTURN 8.0 – is a vehicle swept path analysis and turn simulation software. New and updated features give us the ability to perform intricate vehicle movements with reliable engineering results. Intergraph’s CADWorx Plant 2013 - CADWorx 2013 is the latest software used for 3D model development and P&ID development. It is a GLE standard that all facility modeling is performed using 3D modeling, as significant cost benefits and design execution improvements have been realized. Intergraph’s CADWorx P&ID 2013 – has everything needed for the easy creation of intelligent process diagrams that are linked to our SQL database. CADWorx P&ID unlocks the power of P&ID's by making diagrams, and the information locked within them, available to all stakeholders. Integraph’s Caesar II – Industry recognized Stress Analyzing software. Incorporates the industry's first and only seamless, bi-directional link between CAD plant design and engineering analysis. This link to Intergraph CADWorx Plant allows the passing of design and analysis data between these packages without data loss.
  12. Project Engineering DESIGN ENGINEERING ENGINEERING STUDIES  CAD drafting  Acquisition evaluations  Civil  Conceptual designs  Design Basis Memoranda  Cost estimates  Electrical  Debottlenecking/Expansions  Environmental  Design reviews  Instrumentation/Controls  Emissions and noise abatement  Mechanical - equipment  Mechanical - piping  Modularization/flexibility  Plant layout  Process  Retrofitting/Upgrading  Safety  Specifications        control Environmental Impact and liability studies Feasibility reports HAZOP/What-If studies Performance testing Plant ratings Process optimization Troubleshooting
  13. Project Management  Facility specifications  AFE budget control  Planning & scheduling  Material procurement  Estimate Development  Construction/contract documents (AACE Class)  Construction inspection  Bid evaluations  Operating manuals  HAZOP/PHA  Training  Contract administration  Commissioning  Cost monitoring & control  Start-up planning  Fabrication inspection  Quality control/assurance  Fast tracking  Risk analysis  Integration studies  Regulatory support
  14. Gas Processing  Over 70 gas processing projects completed in the last 10 years.  Capacity from 5 MMSCFD to > 1000 MMSCFD  Multiple projects with refrigeration and liquids recovery  Multiple sour gas projects with amine plants and sulphur facilities or acid gas injection.  Typically 2-3 cryogenic plants with turbo expanders each year.  Development of patented carbon dioxide dehydration process
  15. Client Base - Canada  Over 50 clients annually  Large multi-nationals to small “one well” clients  Over 100 projects annually  Full gas processing facilities to single well pipeline tie-in  Represents about 65% of workload  Major Clients: Murphy Oil, Devon Canada, Suncor, Husky, ARC, Altagas, Keyera, Enerplus
  16. Client Base - International  About 15 clients annually  Small clients to NOC  Over 20 projects annually  Conceptual design, FEED & basic engineering  EPC Technical Advisor  Facility troubleshooting  Represents about 35% of workload  Specialize in sour gas processing and acid gas injection
  17. Global Projects  Argentina  Egypt  Qatar  Australia  India  Russia  Bahrain  Italy  Syria  Bolivia  Kuwait  UAE  Canada  Malaysia  UK  China  Norway  USA  Cuba  Oman  Venezuela  Pakistan  Ukraine  Poland  Czech Republic
  18. Shale Gas Plant Projects Shell Canada – Saturn Gas Plant Engineering, procurement and construction of a 198 mmscfd (5600 e3m3/d) natural gas processing plant. Design features include: o Inlet slug catching and separation o Inlet and sales compression consisting of five (5) 3-stage Ariel KBZ/6 with 6500 hp (4847 kW) electric drives o Dewpoint control utilizing two (2) 484 hp Howden screw compressors in propane refrigeration service o Condensate stabilization and storage (3 x 1200 bbl capacity) o Produced water storage (4 x 1200 bbl capacity) o Vapour recovery system for glycol still vent and storage tanks o Recycle compression consisting of two (2) Ariel JGA/4 with 300 hp (224 kW) electric drives o HP/LP flare system with 328 ft tall stack (100m) o Full plant utilities including: Process and utility heat medium system with heater duty of 13.6 mmbtu/h (2 MW) Instrument air and nitrogen purge systems Drain and storage systems for closed hydrocarbon drains, floor drains, and glycol drains Integrated plant control system (PCS), including emergency and process shutdowns Site civil design and work including grading plans, office/warehouse buildings, site roads, foundations and structural steel. .
  19. Shale Gas Plant Projects Murphy Oil – Tupper Gas Plant Engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) for a 180 MMSCF/d sour natural gas processing plant near Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Design features of the plant include: o Inlet slug catching and separation on three separate inlet gathering systems o Inlet and sales compression – Four (4) 3-stage Ariel JGZ/6 packages, each with 6500 HP electric drives o Amine sweetening – 215 USGPM design of amine circulation o Dewpoint control utilizing mechanical refrigeration (300 USTR and 700 HP refrigeration compressors) and glycol injection o Condensate stabilization and condensate storage (800 BBL of storage) o Sour water stripping and produced water storage (10000 BBL of storage) o Acid gas compression – dual 300 HP electric drive, 5-stage reciprocating compressors o Acid gas dehydration – DEXPRO process o Acid gas injection through a 2 km pipeline; provision for future mixing of acid gas and sweet sales gas to produce a sour sales gas stream including sweet mix compressors (250 HP reciprocating compressors) o Vapor recovery (tank and dehydrator still vents) and recycle compression (200 HP electric drive) o High pressure, low pressure and acid gas flare systems o 25 km long 18” diameter sweet sales gas pipeline and a 5 km long 3” diameter sour sales gas pipeline .
  20. Shale Gas Plant Projects Access Ltd – Dilley, Texas o o o o Conceptual design, FEED, and detailed design of acid gas injection facilities for a 110 MMSCFD, sour gas processing plant. Facilities included tie-in piping, acid gas knock-out drum, 2 by 500 MSCFD, 5-stage acid gas compressors, acid gas pipeline to well-head, methanol injection skid, and new instrument air receiver. Tie-ins to existing 30 MMSCFD plant, new 110 MMSCFD plant and all required utilities, drains, and flares were included as well as electrical, instrumentation, and controls for process equipment and connection to motor control center. Contributions to creation of start-up and operating procedures, and commissioning and startup training and support are ongoing.
  21. Pipeline Projects Alberta Hub РPeers, Alberta Project management of the design and installation of 7 miles of 12 inch gathering system and wellsite facilities. Devon Canada РChinchaga, Alberta Design and project management of installation of 40 km of tie-in pipeline to 18 wells. Gulf Canada РSwan Hills, Alberta Conducted a mechanical reliability study for 65 km of produced water pipelines, 50 km gas gathering and oil flowlines (ranging from 4ӯ to 12ӯ). The system flows were 7500 bbl/d oil, 50 MMSCFD gas and 180,000 bbl/d water.
  22. Compression Projects AltaGas Ltd. – Suffield South Modeled the pipeline network 103 km and 5 compressor stations with PIPEFLO including matching field and simulation data. Evaluated hydraulic analysis data to determine potential maximum backpressures for various capacities. Undertook economic analysis of looping and compressor options. Confidential – Middle East The AGI conceptual design basis consisted of 3x50% 4-stage gas turbines each at 14,152 BHP (10409 kW) driving reciprocating compressors. The total acid gas feed conditions were 85 MMSCFD (2.41 x 106m3/day) gas containing a range of 34-64% H2S with the balance CO2 and a discharge pressure of 230 bara (23,000 kPa).
  23. Dehydration Projects Gas Liquids Engineering has designed over 300 dehydration facilities including: Client Bahrain National Oil Company Devon Canada Corporation Devon Canada Corporation Enco Gas Gas Authority of India Industrie Mechaniche Scardelatto Location Total Volume (MMSCFD) Units Pressure (kPa) Dewpoint (Deg C) Notes Bahrain 250 3 3180 -42 TEG Cabin Creek 50 1 11500 -10 Sour TEG Coleman 60 1 4500 -10 Sweet SorbeadTM Sierra West 25 1 8720 -20 Sour TEG Pata, India 400 1 8720 -60 Romania 1100 25 2100 -15 TEG
  24. Gas Plant Projects Altagas – Harmattan AN EPCM brownfield project to modify an ethane extraction plant and oversee engineering design to increase production from 160 to 400 mmscfd. This project involved installation and modification of equipment within the existing facility including: o Inlet compressor - Centrifugal-EMD (5200 hp) o Residue gas compressor - Centrifugal-EMD (8500 hp) o Sales gas compressors - replaced two 2400 hp engines with two 4000 hp electric motor drives. o Removed two 2000 hp engine driven refrigeration compressors. o Added refrigeration compressor (7500 hp, Elliot Centrifugal Compressor and o Solar Turbine Driver) c/w condensers, accumulator, and economizer, and tied into existing refrig system. o Added a waste heat recovery system to refrig compressor exhaust and merged into existing HM system. o Retrofitted two 800 hp steam turbines in refrigeration service. o Turbo-expander addition (400 MMSCFD) and removal of existing 250 MMSCFD Turboexpander o De-ethanizer(s) tray change, nozzle addition and piping to create two trains while reducing refrigeration requirements and increase throughput. o Added two 5560 KW de-ethanizer overhead condensers and three 350 hp pumps to convert to full ethane condensing.
  25. Gas Plant Projects Altagas – Blair Creek Design and construction of a major gas plant modification to handle an additional 46 mmscfd (1302 e3m3/d), including: o Twinning of an inlet pipeline o Inlet separation for 64 mmscfd (1812 e3m3/d) o Three (3) 2-stage compressors (1 x Ariel JGK/4, 2 x JGD/4) with Waukesha natural gas drivers (1 x 1680 HP, 2 x 1970 HP) for inlet and sales compression o Two mechanical refrigeration units for high liquids recovery o Primary refrigeration unit utilizes a single stage MYCOM screw compressor with a 500 hp electric driver o Secondary refrigeration unit utilizes a single stage MYCOM screw compressor with a 600 hp electric driver o Glycol still vent condensing tank for reduction of BTEX emissions o Liquids fractionation including a stabilizer and de-ethanizer o Processed liquids storage including 3000 bbl total condensate storage and 250,000 gal (945 m3) of LPG storage o Vapour recovery unit (with backup educator) to eliminate light emissions from condensate and produced water storage tanks o Recycle compression o Flare system with header, knockout drum and 140 ft (43 m) tall stack o Electric generator set with 800 kW output o Full plant utilities
  26. Gas Plant Projects Devon Canada Corp – Gunderson Engineering, design and project management for a sour gas plant: 1409 e3m3/day (50 MMSCFD), 15% H2S, mole sieve, inlet slug catching, two 400 kW power generators, a 1110 kW (1500 HP) compressor, operations camp, infrastructure, 2 wellsites tie-ins, vapour recovery system. Responsible for operating manuals, commissioning and startup. Spectra Energy Midstream – Fourth Creek Engineering, design, and project management of the design, procurement and construction of a sour gas plant, 69 MMSCFD, 10 t/d sulphur, two 30 & 45 GPM mixed amine processes, 200 HP (-10 deg F) and 500 HP (-45 deg F) refrigeration units, 1800 HP Paddy compression scheme, 3,000 HP plant sales compression, 150 HP acid gas (30% H2S) re-injection compression. Acid gas pipeline: 3830m.
  27. Acid Gas Injection Projects Devon Canada Corp – Rycroft Design and project management of a 676.2 e3m3/day (24 MMSCFD) sour gas plant including 125 USGPM amine sweetening, 350 HP refrigeration, C5+ production, 2220 kW (3000 HP) primary gas compression, 185 kW (250 HP) acid gas injection, recycle compressor, VRU and 1200 KW power generation. Acid gas composition: 70% H2S, 29% CO2. Acid gas compression: 250 HP at 1220 psia discharge. Acid gas pipeline: 500m with 1218 psia wellhead pressure. Responsible for commissioning and start-up. John Brown Hydrocarbons – London, UK Wellhead and wellbore completion; management of core and reservoir studies undertaken in Canada. Conceptual design, preliminary equipment selection and project budget for an 85 MMSCFD acid gas (55% H2S, 45% CO2) injection project. Front end engineering and design of 85 MMSCFD acid gas injection facility including acid gas compression (45,000 HP), sour water treatment, acid gas pipeline, wellhead and wellbore completion.
  28. Acid Gas Injection Projects Suncor – South Rosevear Engineering, design and project management of two(2) 800 HP electric drive 4 stage acid gas compressors. Facility modifications included sour water handling, new HC condensate stabilizer, acid gas chilling, refrigerant condensor, amine charge pump modifications, and new utility steam boiler. All work took place inside an operating sour gas facility. Keyera – Caribou Engineering, design and project management of a 40 MMSCFD plant expansion to the existing 65 MMSCFD sour facility. Extensive in-plant work including new amine and refrigeration process modules, 814 HP gas drive acid gas compressor, 1478 HP sales compression, 550 kW power generation, heat medium and plant utilités, flare system modifications, inlet separation, and multiple plant modifications and tie-ins. Extensive pre-commissioning and startup assistance, site training, and process support.
  29. Liquids Recovery Projects ATCO Midstream - Golden Spike, Alberta Preliminary engineering and technical auditing of the detailed design for a 1127 e³m³/day (40 MMSCFD) sour gas plant involving 333 kW (450 HP) acid gas (50% H2S) injection, turbo expander and coldbox, ethane extraction, mole sieve, and mercaptan removal. Project management and engineering management, EPC contract development and administration, start-up services; followed by process design, permitting, and project management for a sacrificial sweetening system. Win Energy (now Compton Petroleum asset) – Todd Creek, Alberta EPCM management for a 20 MMSCFD sweet gas plant from conception through to startup. The plant included inlet separation, 1280 HP compression, mechanical refrigeration, LPG recovery and LPG storage.
  30. CO2 Management Projects Encana – Deep Panuke, Nova Scotia Preliminary design of an offshore acid gas injection scheme to inject 4.5 MMSCFD of acid gas with an approximate composition of 25% H2S and 75% CO2. Study included compressor design (1200 HP), phase equilibrium calculations and water content. Scenarios studied included blending the acid gas with condensate prior to injection. HTC Purenergy - Canada Preliminary engineering for a total installed cost estimate at 25% for an onshore facility entailing 4355 tonne/day CO2 capture from flue gas with amines, 73 MMSCFD (0.68 x 106 m3/day) dehydration and 24,500 hp (18.3 MW) of compression for offshore EOR. This facility was a proposed add-on to an existing 420 MW gas fired combined cycle power plant in Norway.
  31. Heavy Oil Projects Devon Canada – Manatokan Heavy Oil Battery Through strong project management skills, this 10,000 B/D expansion (phase III addition to an existing facility) was executed exactly on the two year schedule and under budget. Excellent Devon/GLE teamwork through on-the-run debottlenecking yielded a start-up capacity of 15,000 B/D – a 50% improvement. The EPCM project services scope started with AFE development and approval, EUB permitting, DBM preparation and equipment specifications, detailed design and procurement, specifications for construction, equipment and construction bidding and contract awards, shop and field inspection, commissioning and start-up. The scope of this heavy oil (12 0 API) battery expansion project covered AFE generation DBM, project and schedule control, design, material specs, construction and equipment bid documents, EUB permit, material and equipment procurement and construction contracts award, as well as change management through to completion, for phase 3 (design: 10,000 B/D). 10-15,000 B/D produced water disposal was also within the scope. Strong project control skills meant execution on exact schedule and under budget. Effective Devon / GLE teamwork created on-the-run debottlenecking yielding actual production capacity of 16,000 B/D. .
  32. Project Evaluations Gulf Canada Resources Limited (now ConocoPhillips Canada) – Swan Hills Conducted a mechanical reliability study for the 65 km of produced water pipelines, 50 km gas gathering and oil flowlines (ranging from 4” Ø to 12” Ø). The system flows were 7500 bbl/d oil, 50 MMSCFD gas and 180,000 bbl/d water. Conducted system improvement studies for the above gas gathering and produced water injection pipelines. Carried out the economic evaluations for various production gain scenarios involving reliability improvement for the gathering and produced water injection systems. Kharafi National – Kuwait Completed pre-bid/basic design engineering for 150,000 barrel per day sour oil and 550 MMSCFD sour gas treatment facilities. Scope included well-site tie-in, gathering system, pressure separation, oil stabilization, storage, and vapour recovery, gas recompression, gas sweetening and dehydration, and 600 tpd sulphur plant. Solex Energy Inc. (now Altagas) - Edmonton Conceptual process design for purification (COS and mercaptans) and fractionation of a 30,000 bbl/d condensate stream to yield propane, butane and heavier fractions.
  33. International Projects Polish Oil and Gas Company - Debno, Poland Design basis memorandum and project specifications and project management of a US $70 million gas plant development involving 21 wells and the production of 45 MMSCFD gas, 6000 bbl/d oil, 120 t/d sulphur, 600 bbl/d LPG and 200 bbl/d condensate. Fabrication and construction inspection. Pipeline system design and evaluation. HAZOP evaluation. Start-up and operations support. Red Mountain Energy – Minnibai, Russia Process design, basic and FEED engineering for a 45 MMSCFD cryogenic facility to separate nitrogen, sales gas and C2+ products from a mixed stream. The plant includes a relatively simple two tower design without the requirement of external refrigeration and produces high purity sales gas and 95-99% ethane recovery. Petroleum Development Oman (Tebodin & Partner LLC) Technology screening and conceptual study of gas treating facilities in support of Rabab Field Development. Optimization of integrated plant configurations and cost estimation provided the basis for a recommended conceptual plant design. Kharafi National – Kuwait Completed pre-bid/basic design engineering for 150,000 barrel per day sour oil and 550 MMSCFD sour gas treatment facilities. Scope included well-site tie-in, gathering system, pressure separation, oil stabilization, storage, and vapour recovery, gas recompression, gas sweetening and dehydration, and 600 tpd sulphur plant.
  34. International Projects Polish Oil and Gas Company - Lubiatów-Międzychód-Grotów, Poland The LMG plant is designed to process fluids from 13 well-sites and 5 gathering centres to produce 11,300 bbl/d of stabilized oil, 25 MMSCFD of sales gas, 500 bbl/d of LPG, 240 bbl/d of condensate, and 70 t/d of elemental sulphur. The project includes the well-sites and gathering lines, as well as plant facilities which include oil/gas/water separation, oil de-salting and stabilization, gas treating, low temperature separation and fractionation, water treatment and injection, sulphur production, plant utilities (power generation [4 x 3.4 MW, each @ 6 kV], steam, instrument air, fuel gas), product export pipelines (oil & gas) and truck loading facilities for LPG, condensate, and sulphur. Plant compression facilities include low pressure gas recompression (3 x 60 %, 630 KW each), sales gas compression (3 x 60 %, 1000 kW each) and propane refrigerant compression (2 x 100 %, 900 kW each). The Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) retained Gas Liquids Engineering as the lead member of a consortium acting as the Technical Advisor to POGC for the LMG project, providing services which include: o Review of the basic, building, and detailed engineering design packages for the project facilities to ensure proper design. o Review of HAZOP, LOPA, and SIL studies to ensure design and implementation of acceptable safety systems to protect plant personnel, equipment, and the Nature 2000 forest environment around the facilities. o Construction inspection and factory acceptance testing for key equipment items. o o Training for plant management and operations staff. o Commissioning and start-up support and support for technical acceptance of the completed facilities. .
  35. International Projects Kinder Morgan CO2 Company – SACROC Unit, Texas, USA The SACROC Unit processes over 620 MMSCFD of gas for CO2 capture and injection while recovering over 30,000 bbl/d of oil and 15,000 bbl/d of NGL liquids. Capacity Increase Project Identified an additional 90 MMSCFD capacity with minor equipment modifications. The primary scope involved process review, simulation, major equipment rating and cost estimation for modifications for inlet separation, dehydration, filtration, chilling/separation, booster compression, gas and liquid amine treating, NGL recovery and condensate stabilization. Expansion Project Generated the FEED for a 240 MMSCFD expansion train for CO2 capture, injection and liquids recovery. The primary scope involved design basis memorandum generation, engineering process design, capital cost estimation and data sheet package development involving inlet separation, dehydration, filtration, refrigeration, liquids separation, heating and water-cooling. The secondary scope involved to varying degrees process review, cost estimation and data sheet package generation for modifications of all affected downstream processes such as molecular sieves, amine systems, NGL recovery, condensate stabilization and Puraspec.
  36. HSE/QC  Gas Liquids Engineering Ltd. is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors, customers, and to protecting the public and the community. As part of this commitment, our goal is to maintain a safety record of zero recordable incidents. We encourage all participants to work safely through education, communication and participation.  Gas Liquids Engineering has a comprehensive, integrated Health & Safety Program. Our Health & Safety program is COR certified, which guarantees a minimum standard and level of commitment towards health and safety and that our program complies with standards set out by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction.  Gas Processing Association of Canada Award for 26 years without a lost time accident.  IRP16 Safety Orientation certification.  ISO 9001:2000 compliant Quality Assurance LTI per 100 workers 0.2 0.18 0.16 0.14 0.12 0.1 0.08 0.06 0.04 0.02 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 GLE Alberta Engineering Industry
  37. Executive Management Doug Mackenzie President Eva Wencel, Office Manager Carolyn Galloway, Greg Bury Director, Business Development Ida Seib, Financial Manager Peter Griffin Vice-President International & Corporate Affairs Procurement Manager Jim Maddocks Vice-President Engineering Arnie Toews Vice-President Facilities Bruce Parsons Vice-President Information Management
  38. September 2013