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6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is Good for Your Business

Outsourcing has become a common option these days. With this strategy, companies can easily hire skilled human resources and save labor cost as well. In this presentation, we listed reasons why this strategy has become a trend.

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6 Reasons Why Outsourcing Is Good for Your Business

  1. Hiring outside providers to handle work typically performed within a company has become a trend these days.
  2. In fact, Intuit study results predicted that more than 40% of the American workforce will be freelancers, contractors and temp workers by 2020. 40% 60% Source: Intuit
  3. Commonly outsourced streams of business IT outsourcing Recruitment Legal outsourcing Logistics Content Development Manufacturing Web Design and Maintenance Technical/ Customer Support Source: Flat World Solutions
  4. Here are 6 reasons why outsourcing is good for your business.
  5. #1 REDUCED COST Get quality job at a lower labor and operating cost.
  6. #2 ACCESS TO SKILLED EXPERTISE Benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of seasoned providers.
  7. #3 TIME SAVED FOR CORE BUSINESS Shift your focus from peripheral activities to business priorities.
  8. #4 QUICK START OF PROJECTS In-house recruitment and training can take time. A good outsourcing firm can readily provide human resources.
  9. #5 FLEXIBLE STAFFING Outsourcing providers is convenient for your seasonal, temporary, or project- based needs.
  10. #6 REDUCED RISK Outside providers are skilled at risk management in their areas of expertise.
  11. CONVINCED? Before you start outsourcing providers, here are a few reminders.
  12. Output may be sub-standard or submitted untimely. Spend some time screening providers. 1
  13. Outsourcing requires you to expose information to a third party. Let providers sign a non-disclosure agreement if necessary. 2
  14. Outsourced providers may lack focus on your project because of their commitment to several clients. Make sure to set expectations and monitor their performance. 3
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