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Node-H Dual-mode

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Small Cell Forum MWC 2016 Sponsor Presentation: Node-H

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Node-H Dual-mode

  1. 1. Mike Cronin CEO
  2. 2. Node-H – Small Cell Solutions  Turn-key software solutions for:  Enterprise – LTE or UMTS  Residential – LTE or UMTS  Dual-mode – Both UMTS and LTE  Complete and configurable RRM and SON solutions for LTE and UMTS  Fully integrated Management and Timing/Sync solutions  Node-H and OEMs are ready for immediate operator engagement
  3. 3. Node-H – Dual-mode Enterprise  Dual-mode enterprise solution guarantees 5-bars for calls and data  Rewards best customers with the best customer experience  Supports existing UEs and infrastructure with 3G and CSFB  Seamlessly transitions to 4G data and VoLTE call infrastructure Available NOW!!
  4. 4. Serving the best customers  Enterprise customers generate the highest ARPU, merit the best coverage, but are hard to reach Outside-In.  Modern building construction is driven by heating/cooling concerns, but kills the RF signal  Operators gain greater capacity for the enterprise by placing the coverage inside the enterprise...  ...and don’t waste expensive outdoor capacity penetrating the electromagnetic shielding and walls of the enterprise  Backhaul and power responsibility moves to the enterprise, and capacity can be scaled to meet the needs of the enterprise.
  5. 5. VoLTE takes time to roll out  VoLTE and IMS core is complex to deploy, and can only be rolled out gradually  Well funded operators took several years to do a partial build-out  Phone support for VoLTE among existing customers is poor for most operators  Operators will gradually transition voice from circuit-switched GSM or UMTS to VoLTE over a number of years  The ideal product to meet business customer needs during this time is a UMTS and LTE dual-mode enterprise small cell.
  6. 6. Key UMTS features  32 users – full multi-RAB, R99, HSPA 21/5.7Mbps  HD-Voice  Full SON/RRM including  Radio parameter auto-configuration  Power control  Uplink and Downlink Interference mitigation  Dynamic RAB adjustment  Operator approved security solution  NTP and PTP timing solution  TR-196 V1 or V2 remote management
  7. 7. Key LTE features  32/64 active LTE users  Up to 150Mbps/50Mbps in LTE 3, 5, 10, 15, 20MHz  Full SON/RRM including  PCI, ANR, CCO, MRO, ICIC, FHM and more...  Operator approved security solution  NTP and PTP timing solution  TR-196 V1 or V2 remote management
  8. 8. Dual-mode features  Shared Radio Environment Measurements  Common timing solution  CSFB to co-located UMTS cell  Fast-return to LTE on ending a CSFB call  Load balancing of Ues  Software upgradable to dual LTE cell
  9. 9.  Features  Auto-config. of Physical Cell ID (AutoPCI)  Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR)  Coverage and Capacity Optimization (CCO)  Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO)  Inter Cell Interference Coordination (ICIC)  Frequent Handover Mitigation (FHM)  Self-Recovery of HeNB Software  Small Cell Forum SON compliant  Features can operate without X2 connectivity but efficiency may be reduced Full SON/RMM for UMTS and LTE
  10. 10. Flexible Management System  Full standards-based TR-196 V1 / v2 management of UMTS and LTE  Interoperability tested with major network management vendors Configuration Management Performance Management Fault Management Software Management HeMS TR069 Interface 3G, 4G & Dual Mode Small Cells HeMS IPSec SEGW Internet Security Gateway Small Cell Core Network Device:2 InternetGateway Device:1 Service Objects TR-181i1 Device:2 Data Model Femto Component Objects TR-262i1 Baseline Data Model Template TR-106 CWMP TR-069 TR-098i1 IGW:1 Data Model TR-196i2 FAPService:2 Data Model General Purpose Component Objects TR-157i1 Supported Provisioning Data Models  Flexible architecture allows rapid adaptation to existing provisioning and management systems  Trials system available from Node-H, deployment system from Node-H partner AVSystem
  11. 11. Node-H  Low cost dual-mode enterprise is finally here  Complete turn-key solutions, no additional development required  Hardware from Taiwanese manufacturing partners  Proven interoperability with most suppliers of networks, management systems and gateways  Economical way for operators to balance their networks  Operators can provide their best customers with the best QoE