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7 rockstar tips for growth marketing

  1. 1 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by 7 rockstar tips for growth marketing Ed Davidson Marketing Consultant Digital Marketing Priorities 2020 brought to you by Hosted by Dr. Dave Chaffey, Co-founder of Smart Insights
  2. 2 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2018 brought to you by Before we start… housekeeping Digital Marketing Priorities 2020 brought to you by#DigitalPerformance • Slides will be available via Smart Insights Slideshare, or you can download them from the BrightTalk page. • Do ask questions at any point via the chat function - we’ll respond either at the end of the show or afterwards via email.
  3. 3
  4. 4 Agenda - Rock stars
  5. 5 Frameworks that Rock
  6. 6 The Audience • Jobs to be done • Personas • Customer buying journey • Feedback loops 20th Century Fox
  7. 7 Customer Persona guide • Characteristics • Motivations and behaviours • Customer journey and content mapping
  8. 8 Customer lifecycle touchpoint review 20th Century Fox
  9. 9 Music Producer/Manager • Goals - North Stars vs. KPIs vs. OKRs • 5s - Sell, Speak, Serve, Save, Sizzle • Dashboards • Band buy-in
  10. 10 Planning
  11. 11 Goal setting and measurement
  12. 12 Singer • Value proposition • Message market fit • Brand archetypes • Conversational marketing
  13. 13 Guitarist • Paid, Owned, Earned • TOFU, MOFU and BOFU • Inbound vs. Outbound • Bullseye framework
  14. 14 Channel-based conversion-based forecast
  15. 15 The six pillars of effective digital marketing Planning and Governance Goals and measurement Media Content Experience Conversational messaging • Strategic initiatives • Marketing integration • Digital transformation • Business and revenue models • Budgets and ROI • Systems, structures and processes • Resources and skills • Marketing technology • Forecasts • Digital KPIs • Digital dashboards • Customer profiles • Attribution • Paid media • Owned media • Earned media Content marketing strategy • Top-of-funnel (TOFU) • Middle-of-funnel (MOFU) • Bottom-of-funnel (BOFU) • Website customer journeys • Landing pages • Multichannel path to purchase • Conversion Rate Optimization • Personalization • Email marketing • Mobile messaging • Human-assisted chat • Automation and CRM
  16. 16 Keyboards/Synth • Continuous development & CRO • Micro conversions • LIFT Model • ICE Scoring
  17. 17 An Agile approach to improve experiences
  18. 18 Bassist • Retention and referral • Customer Success • Customer Marketing • Marketing + Product
  19. 19 Bassist Content and social update type Goal of update type Formats, contributors and formats? Specific audience focus or application? Paid boost to support subscriber growth? Explainer or 101 Educate Video, podcast All - Standards Support quality Tool or download OEMs Yes Benchmark Compare capabilities Checklist or tool All Yes Trends and Innovation Educate about future opportunities for applications In-house expert or multiple contributor ‘Round-up’ curated from other sources Podcast Product and market sector Yes Industry statistics * To support trends pieces Curated content All ‘How to’ or best practices Offer to teach to improve results or reduce risk Video/ Podcast Checklist / downloadFAQ. All. Include end-consumers also? Opinion piece Thought leadership Curated content Event summary Share industry knowledge Curated content Skills / career development Show support for individuals Interviews Day in life Can be with customers, partners and employees New service launch Awareness and adoption Yes Case study / customer stories Include end-customers also Subscription driver Encourage social channel following or email subscription Benefits list. Member list. Specific download Yes Co-marketing with different partner types Share audience for growth Includes trade publications, but also others if channel conflicts can be avoided
  20. 20 Define email nurture strategy
  21. 21 Drummer • Growth stack • Automation • Integration • Simplification
  22. 22 A defined martech stack
  23. 23 Takeaways • The Fans • How to play Wembley • Stand for something • Pick the right axes • Dare to suck • Mind the customer • Build from the rhythm section Thank you and Good night!
  24. 24 Questions