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Win more customers with an integrated marketing communications strategy

  1. 1 #DigitalPriorities Digital Marketing Priorities 2019 brought to you by Win more customers with an integrated marketing communications strategy Dave Chaffey, Co-Founder, Smart Insights Julie Bordato, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
  2. 2 Before we start… house keeping • A recording for the webinar will be sent via Email • Slides will be available via Smart Insights Slideshare • Please get involved with the interactions: • Give your views in the votes • Do ask questions at any point via the Questions panel, we will cover these in the final Q&A
  3. 3 Recommended resource Download free resource • The aim of this guide is to walk you through the success factors needed to deliver on the promise of automation for your business. • It goes beyond discussing the benefits of automation to give you a process framework that combines a roadmap to improvement, together with strategy recommendations and practical tips.
  4. 4 Today’s Agenda Julie Bordato Senior Product Marketing Manager Setting the Stage: The Age of the Connected Customer Dave Chaffey Co-Founder Overview: Opportunity, Strategy, Action Closing Thoughts: More Examples, Q&A, Next Steps
  5. 5 Welcome to the Age of the Connected Customer Buyer experience has become the new competitive edge Products Experiences Services customer experience 89% compete primarily on Source: Forbes, “Customer Experience is the New Brand,” 2018
  6. 6 Today, Buyers Expect More From Every Interaction B2C experiences raise the bar for every other relationship Personalised Consultative Frictionless I feel known and understood My rep is a trusted advisor Every touchpoint is consistent “My best experience anywhere becomes my expectation everywhere.”
  7. 7 One-Size-Fits-All Transactional Disconnected I feel like a number My rep is just a vendor Every handoff is painful But Most Organizations Fail to Win Over Customers Traditional models fall short of expectations Source: Forbes, “Customer Experience is the New Brand,” 2018 80% of companies believe they deliver “superior experiences” only 8% of customers agree Reality Perception
  8. Win New Customers and Grow Existing Relationships Create a better buying experience at every step One-Size-Fits-All Transactional Disconnected Personalised Consultative Frictionless Complete View of the Customer Intelligent Personalisation Cross-Team Collaboration Trusted advisor vs. approved vendor +20% Win Rate Source: CSO Insights, “Selling in the Age of Ceaseless Change: The 2018-2019 Sales Performance Report,” 2019
  9. 9 Growing Account Relationships is About Trust Earn Trust Deepen Trust Aware Consider Decide Setup Master Grow (Cross-Product) Share Refer Recommend Discover Use Evolve Trust
  10. 1 2 3 4 Growth through Recommendations 5 Foster Brand Loyalty Guide Customers to the Right Solutions Anticipate Customer Adoption Needs Accelerate Product Mastery Every Marketing Touchpoint is a Chance to Build Trust
  12. 12 Recommended resource Download free resource • The aim of this guide is to walk you through the success factors needed to deliver on the promise of automation for your business. • It goes beyond discussing the benefits of automation to give you a process framework that combines a roadmap to improvement, together with strategy recommendations and practical tips.
  14. 14 B2B Omnichannel - customer lifecycle touchpoint review - Optimized
  15. 15 Customer lifecycle touchpoint review – with gaps and optimisation needed
  16. 16 Reviewing capabilities. FAQ – where to start?
  17. 17 Vote - Targeting Score your Email marketing and automation : A. 1. Initial – no targeting B. 2. Managed – demographic targeting C. 3. Defined – Layered multiple criteria D. 4. Quantified – Criteria tested and refined E. 5. Optimized – AI, machine learning, predictive analytics
  18. 18 B2B Examples – see our QW
  19. 19 The importance of nurture Source: Aberdeen Research 2019 B2B Buyers survey
  20. 20 Types of welcomes and nurture emails
  21. 21 Example nurturing emails that differentiate and encourage action Source
  22. 22 Model and report on pipeline
  23. 23 STRATEGY Define engagement strategy
  24. 24 How sophisticated is your targeting
  25. 25 B2B – review audience demographics in LinkedIn
  26. 26 Layering audience targeting in Facebook Source: Facebook IQ : Audience Insights
  27. 27 A layered segmentation example from eBay
  28. 28 B2B example - using layered targeting with email system with dynamic content Email 'Type' Customer Lifecycle Segmentation Prospects Nursery Development Lapsing Lapsed Lifecycle P2C programme Nursery programme Spot the winners Prevent Lapsing programme Lapsed programme Behavioural Triggered by customer behaviour: ABBA, BnB, Accessories etc (max.1 email per week for each programme) Newsletter Sent wk. 1 each month to all contacts with personalised content Feature Email Sent wk. 2 each month to all contacts Offers and Deals Sent wk. 3 each month to all contacts NPI Sent wk. 4 each month to all contacts Source: Harriet Mitchell Smart Insights Digital Impact conference
  29. 29 Hero banner Customised content: (Customer Profile) • EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Non-EDE (Electronic Design Engineers) • Promo Excluded (Key and Corporates) CLC Module Customised content: (Customer Lifecycle) • Nursery • Development • Acquisition BEH Module Customised content: (Behavioural data) • Abandoned Baskets • Browsed Not Bought • Propensity to Buy (A recommendations model) • Top Sellers Product modules can vary in number and format. Maximum of 8 modules per email. Product Modules
  30. 30 Lead scoring – implicit – behaviour based Lead grading – explicit – profile-based
  31. 31 Content marketing maturity is key to success Source: Content Marketing Institute
  32. 32 How strategic is content marketing Journey mapped, tailored by service, different personas? REACH ACT CONVERT ENGAGE Content type and aim ToFu Awareness Engagement MoFu Evaluation Engagement BoFu Purchase Engagement RoFu Retention/Advocacy Engagement B2B Examples • Hero lead-gen for cut-through infographics • 10X content • Webinars - education • Case studies • Datasheets • Independent reviews • Webinars - demos • ROI calculators • Business case download • Career development • Enewsletter Distribution • SEO • Social • Pop-ups and Inline content • Email welcome • Email nurture • Enewsletter personal • Web personalisation • Livechat • Emails from Sales (Automated) • Webinars • Enewsletter • Web personalisation
  33. 33 Sales alignment – example sales cadence
  34. 34 ACTION
  35. 35 Example contact strategy
  36. 36 Vote – Contact strategy How many automated triggers do you have in place A. None B. Single auto-response, e.g. for download C. Welcome email sequence, untargeted D. Targeted welcome and ongoing nurture
  37. 37 Template to plan nurture emails
  38. 38 Salesforce style guide Communicating brand value consistently
  39. 39 Marketing applications of AI Source: Premium members Machine Learning and AI briefing
  41. 41 AI is on the Rise in B2B Marketing In the past year, AI usage among B2B marketers has grown 23%
  42. 42 Create High-Value Customers by Nurturing Relationships at Scale Convert More Leads with Sales and Marketing Alignment
  43. Zoom Fuels a Smarter Customer Journey with Pardot Moving from basic email model to dynamic, targeted email nurture campaigns Fast growing startup facing the need to scale domestic campaigns internationally Greater intelligence for tailored messaging Hyper-segmentation bubbles up the right leads to sales Customized nurture programs to increase free user engagement Challenge Solution “With Pardot, we’ve been able to become much more intelligent with our audience segmentation. Engagement studio has been a real game changer for us.” Theresa Brady, Marketing Programs Manager 140% Increase in customer reach Sales Cloud Pardot
  44. Clarion Events Boosts Sales Productivity and Customer Engagement with Salesforce • Support growth ambition to double in size over the next five years • Deliver an experience that meets the expectations of customers in a digital age • Improve visibility of overall business performance “With Salesforce, we can unlock the full potential of our people and create even better events with higher visitor numbers.” Dave Cook, CTO, Clarion Events • Centralised 12 CRM systems onto the Salesforce platform • More than 450 sales people across 16 divisions use Sales Cloud • Simplified marketing approach using Pardot to segment leads and reach more customers • Challenge • Solution Sales Cloud Pardot 2.5x increase in lead conversion rates
  45. 45 Your questions please! • Thank you for listening! • Please ask questions via the Questions tab • Include contact details
  46. 46 Next Steps Learn more with these free resource guides
  47. 47 Let’s Connect – Questions and discussion welcome!