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CETA: General Presentation


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CETA: General Presentation

  1. 1. CENTRE FOR THEORETICAL AND APPLIED ECOLOGY Francesca Visintin Joint Project Meeting of the Interreg Projects "Efficient Effective Smart" and "Smart Energy" Lakeside Park – Klagenfurt – 07 /11/2013
  2. 2. CETA is2 no-profit Association funded in 1987 with legal status recognized by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region in 1995 registered to the National Register of the Research by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research member of CER – Research Bodies Coordination of Friuli Venezia Giulia instituted at Area Science Park of Trieste Public bodies (University of Trieste, University of Udine, Province of Gorizia, Province of Pordenone, Municipality of Gorizia, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft of Gorizia) and individual bodies are members of CETA
  3. 3. CONOSCENZA – KNOWLEDGE The engagement in the research represents the most successful strategy to offer forefront solutions. In this sense collaborations with international innovation and technological centers are developed • • • • Experimentation of production models for first, second and third-generation biofuels Research and development of low environmental impact crops for energy purposes, wind energy, building integrated solar thermal energy Validation of advanced and innovative technologies Cooperation among research centers in order to develop international partnership in the fields of energy, environment and low carbon economy
  4. 4. ENERGIA – ENERGY We aim to the development of models for decentralized energy production based on the low environmental impact sources and energy efficiency • • • • Development of the most suitable technology Feasibility study, strengthen and weakness assessment, technical support to planning activity Bankability and economic sustainability assessment, business plan, fund raising and credit advice Planning of sustainable management models for the supplying chains
  5. 5. TERRITORIO – TERRITORY Planning and managing the territory to safeguard the environment and its local communities • • • • Strategic and participated planning and programming in the sectors of Energy, Government of the Territory, management of sensitive ecosystems CO2 – energy – environmental balances, environmental accounting models, cost-benefit analysis, multicriteria analysis Ecosystem service assessment Valorization and conservation of landscape, tourist resources, territorial marketing, labeling, management of sensible ecosystems
  6. 6. AMBIENTE – ENVIRONMENT Preservation of the environment and natural resources as development tool • • • • Re-qualification, re-naturalization and depollution of contaminated areas adopting natural techniques (phytoremediation, bioremediation) Low environmental impact technology adoption for water treatment (constructed wetlands) Strategies finalized at the reduction of waste production, solutions for the biodegradable waste treatment and of public municipal green Creation of greenways and re-naturalizations
  8. 8. SWEETHANOL Diffusion of a sustainable EU model to produce Ist generation ethanol from sweet sorghum in decentralized plants • Partners CETA (It) – Project lead partner INIPA-Coldiretti (It), Cartif Foundation (Es), ADABE (Es), REACM-Anatoliki (Gr), Agricultural cooperative of Halastra (Gr) • Objectives – – – Improving of the technological knowledge relative to the ethanol production from sweet sorghum Professional training of the chain actors and creation of the "Sweethanol - on-line community" (http://esse-community.eu) Changes in the EU market structure concerning ethanol stimulating the decentralisation
  9. 9. GOVERNEE Good Governance in Energy Efficiency (www.governeeproject.eu) • Partners Municipality of Hódmezővásárhely (Hu), Municipality of Quedlinburg (De), Administrative District of Burgenlandkreis (De), Metropolitan District of Prague 11 (Cz), Municipality of Bologna (It), CETA (It), CERE (At) • Objectives – – – – Guidelines for the policy decision makers regards energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in public and historic buildings Pilot projects: renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures Training of policy decision makers Divulgation events: energy days, local focus group, permanent showroom
  10. 10. FITOAMBIENT Constructed wetland and education to improve the environmental quality in a bio-region of Lebanon (Decentrated International Cooperation Project) • Partners Agency for the Decentralized Cooperation (It) – Project Lead Partner, CETA (It), University of Udine – Poli-functional Centre of Gorizia (It), Union of the Municipalities of Hermel, Abdul Ghani Bleibel (Lebanon), Cultural association Hermel (Lebanon) • Objectives – – – To preserve the main water source of Lebanon, the Assi river, constituting the central knot of the local and economical development through the introduction of a proper water management Sensitization of the stakeholders and the population Realization of a pilot plant of phytodepuration (constructed wetlands) at the trout breeding in the district of Hermel – Governorship of Bekaa
  11. 11. ZOOTANOLO The production of bioethanol as an innovative energy use of manure • Partners Edmund Mach Foundation – Agrarian Institute of San Michele all’Adige (Trento) CETA - Gorizia CRA-RPS - Council for the Research and Experimentation in Agriculture. Research Centre for the Study of the Relations between Plant and Soil - Gorizia • Objectives – – Production of bioethanol of 3rd generation from the manure Optimization of the energetic valorization of manure
  12. 12. MULTISORGO Integrated bioethanol and biogas production from a high water-use efficient energy crop, the sweet sorghum: technological, economic, energetic and environmental aspects • Partners CETA - Project Lead partner, ENEA-BAS – Bio-tecnology Department, Agro-industry and Health protection–Research Centre Trisaia, CRA-RPS - Council for the Research and Experimentation in Agriculture. Research Centre for the Study of the Relations between Plant and Soil - Gorizia • Objectives – – – Production of 1st and 2nd bioethanol generation from sweet sorghum Optimization of the sugars with the aim of industrial use sweet sorghum Optimization of the energy valorization of the by-products of the processing
  13. 13. EXTRAVALORE Valorization of by-products from the biodiesel chain • Partners CETA, CRA-CIN, ISAFOM-CNR, ERSA-FVG, INEA, CRA-ORT, CRA-VIT, University of Molise, Department of Animal, Vegetable and Environment Sciences (UNIMO), Phyto-sanitary service of the Emilia Romagna Region (SFRER), Research society “Eureco” (EU), CRA-OLI, CRA-PAV, University of Salerno, Chemical department (UNISA), CRA-FLC, CRA-SUI, CRA-PCM • Objectives – – Optimization of by-products valorization from the biodiesel chain Construction of the economic, energy and environmental balances
  14. 14. Reutilization of municipal waste material resources production of second generation bioethanol in Gorizia province • Objectives – – – Experimentation for producing ethanol from organic fraction of the municipal solid waste Experimentation for producing ethanol from residues of the wine-industry Experimentation for producing ethanol from municipal sludge
  16. 16. GREENNET Promoting the ecological network in the European Green Belt (www.greennet-project.eu/) • Partners Association of Rural Development of Thuringia (De), BUND Bavaria - Projekt Office Central European Green Belt (De), Austrian Nature Protection Institute Styria (At), Ametyst - Evironmental Proction Association (Cz), REC - Regional Environment Centre (Sk), University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (De), University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (At), Nature park Gorico (Si), Austrian League for Nature Conservation Lower Austria (At), Regional Development Agency Burgenland (At), CETA (It) • Objectives – – Policy and strategy for sustaining the conservation and valorization of the areas subjected to military servitude along the former Iron Curtain Pilot projects in 6 areas belonging to the Green Belt of Central Europe
  17. 17. SMART ENERGY Network of Excellence (http://smartenergyproject.eu/) • Partners Lakeside Science & Technology Park GmbH (At) – Project Lead Partner CETA (It) University of Udine (It) CTR (At) • Objectives – – – Connecting the scientific community and the enterprises Indicating a roadmap of the technologies and instituting an advisory board Realizing demonstrative projects with the aim of rendering accessible to the public the research results and the technological knowledge in the trans-boundary area
  18. 18. EUROSTART (Decentrated International Cooperation Project) • Partners Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (It) – Project Lead Partner, Informest (It), Agency for balanced regional development of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia) CETA (It) Secretariat for Energy of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia) Foundation Aquileia (It), Secretariat for Culture of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia), Insiel (It), ASS1 Triestina (It), Secretariat for Health of the AP Vojvodina (Serbia) • Objectives – – – – Local energy plan guidelines Data collection and elaboration Feasibility studies Project proposals submitting
  19. 19. BIOSEGEN Innovative chains for the production of second generation biofuels from crops residues, agro-industrial residues and energy crops • Partners ENEA – Casaccia, CETA Gorizia, CNR – ISAFOM, CRA – API, CRA – CIN, CRA – MAC, CRA – PLF, CRA – RPS, CRA – VIT, CRAB, INEA, University of Bologna – Agro-environmental sciences and technologies department (DISTA), University of Catania – Agronomic and agrochemical sciences and animal production department (DACPA) , University of Florence – Inter-department research centre for the alternative and renewable energies (CREAR) • Objectives – – Production of 2nd generation biofuels from energy crops and residual biomasses Construction of energy and environmental balances
  21. 21. CLIMAPARKS Climate changes and protected areas management • Purchaser Julian Prealps Park • Objectives – Energy plan for the Park in the framework of the project Interreg IV Italy-Slovenia
  22. 22. CLIMAPARKS Climate changes and protected areas management • Purchaser Dolomiti Friulane Park • Objectives – Energy plan for the Park in the framework of the project Interreg IV Italy-Slovenia
  23. 23. ADRIAWET2000 Adriatic Wetlands for Natura 2000 • Purchaser Il Mosaico – consortium of social cooperatives • Objectives – – – – Energy plan for the Park in the ambit of the project Interreg IV Italy-Slovenia Park labelling Ecosystem service and environmental accounting Education activities and study visits
  24. 24. iCON Competitiveness of SMEs through Innovation and Collaborative Entrepreneurship • Purchaser EINE – Enti di Industrializzazione Nord Est – North-Eastern Industrialization Bodies • Objectives – Management of the Green Economy cluster with refer to the renewable energy and waste management sectors
  25. 25. CEC5 Demonstration of energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy sources through public buildings • Purchaser Municipality of Udine • Objectives – – – – Trans-national Baseline to energy efficient building Trans-national feasibility study about the common certification concept White paper about energy efficiency technologies and solutions to be applied to new and existing constructions, incl. a manual for the training of the building occupants. Transnational Observatory
  26. 26. REMIDA smaRt Energy chains and coMmunIties in the meD Area • Purchaser Informest • Objectives – – – – – Valuation of the energy system of the Municipality of Gorizia Smart energy chains SEAP Action for smart cities (referring to energy sector) Information, sensitization and capitalization actions
  27. 27. Via Licinio, 44 34170 Gorizia Telephone Laboratory Fax 0481 391887 0481 537159 0481 393882 Email: Website: francesca.visintin@ceta.ts.it www.ceta.ts.it