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How To: Use Smart Grid Benefits

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Overview of some benefits of the smart grid and what they mean for the average consumer.

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How To: Use Smart Grid Benefits

  1. 1. HOW TO: UNDERSTAND & ENJOY SMART GRID BENEFITS Savings Devices Software AMI Renewables Demand Response
  2. 2. From lower energy bills to a fully smart home; Smart grid benefits are easy to collect.
  3. 3. meters (AMI)
  4. 4. This data lets you better manage your usage for optimal efficiency and savings. Smart meters or, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, collect real-time usage data that Utilities and programs then report to consumers.
  5. 5. Demand Response
  6. 6. Demand Response: Capability of smart grid technologies to reduce electricty use at peak times. Consumers may be compensated for participating in these actitives (in addition to standard savings) and compatible smart applicances allow you to program preferences.
  7. 7. Devices bulbs, thermostats & more
  8. 8. Lighting: Smart LED bulbs make your lights more energy efficient Almost all Smart Devices may be controlled via app or online. Appliances: smart upgrades to washer/dryers, fridges and ovens mean cost-effective usage scheduling Thermostats: Notable examples--The Nest or Apple HomeKit. This tech lets you schedule temp preferences, reducing energy costs. Outlets: track energy use, project costs and turn off from your phone.
  9. 9. Renewables & Distributed Generation
  10. 10. Image: Dean Markadakis
  11. 11. DG systems heighten consumer control, save money & reduce carbon emissions
  12. 12. Distributed Generation (DG): generating power in (or near) the same place that it's used; smart grid improvements to grid stablitity = more DG use. DG systems include: solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and natural fuel or diesel powered generators
  13. 13. Software data & payment solutions
  14. 14. As the dream of a smart grid quickly becomes reality, software keeps up with new demands
  15. 15. Opower Meter Genius AllConnect Cloud-based software that works with utilities to help consumers lower energy use and carbon emmisions. PayGo Payment solutions that let Utilities provide customers with PrePay options to manage and set a monthly usage budget. Simplified search that lets you switch TV, Internet, electric & more with a single online visit or call. Customer portals with energy management tools. smart device connected; rewards based on what time-of-day electricity is used.
  16. 16. Green Button safely download your energy data For Efficiency Programs, Virtual Energy Audits, Fact Based Service Deployment & more.
  17. 17. www.whatissmartgrid.org for more information visit