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Desktop based access management software

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  1. 1. Desktop Based Access Management Software smartACCESS is a Desktop based Access Management software especially designed to cater small, medium and large organizations, where significance of security is very high. Software has very user friendly GUI with all the functions of Access Control Management. Software has various other functions i.e. Device configuration, masters, data downloading, User Enrollment Module, Mass uploading, Employee Card Activation/Deactivation,etc. smartACCESS KEY BENEFITS Device Management:Itprovidesa userfriendly interface to manage the Access and time attendance devices. All configurations of devices can be done through central software. It downloads the data periodically/automatically forgenerating variousaccessreports. Comprehensive Access Management: Software facilitates to define various kinds of Access management rules and restrictions for devices. It could be at various levels e.g.; Controller level, Reader Level, Employee level, Access level Group, location level, etc. Access rules comprises with Time Zones, Access Levels, Holiday restriction, Anti Pass back (Hard, Soft, Nested, local, Reader wise,controllerwise,APB Forgiveness),Blacklistofemployee,etc. Useful MIS Reports: Software has various reports which is very useful for any organizations i.e. Employee StatusReports,Accessreports,InOutreports,Immediate Report, etc. Email & SMS notification: Email and SMS notification can be sent for any configured process i.e. on late coming,Earlygoing,Absenteeism,Blacklisted employee swipe,etc.
  2. 2. Architecture ªDesktop Based ªCentralized Multi-location Employee Management ªConfigurable Employee Hierarchy ªMultiple employee categories ªEmployee Type ªEmployee Status ªEmployee Photograph with other details Access Management ªTime Zone (with Free time zone) ªTime Zone Synchronization ªHome Zone ªVisit Zone ªTime Slot ªAccess Level ªAccess Level Group ªHoliday restriction (Reader Wise) ªBlacklist of employee ªDuress Authentications ªDual Authentications ªConfigurable delay time for two successive punch from same ªController communication status ªDisplaying Short Messages ªCentralize fingerprint Template Management ªBulk upload of cards ªSupport Maximum 9,999 controller Feature List For more information call +91-22-6566 6555 or Email us @ enquiry@smartisystems.com www.smartisystems.com P : M D B K C A P HRESENCE UMBAI ELHI ANGALORE OLKATA HENNAI HMEDABAD UNE YDERABADS S S S S S S * smart-i Policy is one of constant improvement.We reserve the rights to alter specifications with out any prior notice.i ªConfigurable Auto/ Manual/ Scheduled Data Downloading ªController Reset command ªBlock Admin/User of controller ªDevice Configuration – Push/Pull ªDoor Open Time Configuration ªDoor Auto Relock ªReader open Time ªFacility Code supported ªAudit Log ªEvent Wise mail ªCentral Date & time Synchronization ªUser wise Latest swipe display ªController wise Latest swipe display Anti Passback ªAPB Enable/Disable ªHard APB ªSoft APB ªNested ªLocal ªUser wise ªReader wise ªcontroller wise ªAPB Forgiveness ªEscort APB Database Management ªMS-SQL Server 2005 or, Higher ªDatabase Back Up ªExcel sheet Import for masters data Masters ªEmployee ªCompany ªLocations ªControllers ªReaders ªDepartment ªDesignation ªHoliday ªCategory ªAccess Reports ªEmployee Activate Status ªEmployee Master – Access ªEvent ªFirst In Last Out ªImmediate Report ªIO Entry ªUnknown Transactions ªDepartment ªDesignation ªHoliday ªAccess ªAudit Master Reports Formats ªPDF, Excel INTEGRATIONS ªThird Party Payroll ªSAP/ERP/HRMS Software Selection Guide Ordering Info:- Model Nos smartACCESS SSA30- AS - 100U SSA30- AS - 250U SSA30- AS - 500U SSA30- AS Details For 100 Users For 250 Users For 500 Users For Unlimited Users