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POLITICS is the just the group name
The presentation is on STAFFING

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  1. 1. POLITICS Namastey… :D Bhaiyo aur beheno…………..
  2. 2. STAFFING
  3. 3. INDEX Introduction Definition and Meaning Importance of Staffing Human Resource Management Evolution of Human Resource Management Staffing Process Recruitment
  4. 4. IntroductionStaffing has been described as themanagerial function of filling and keepingfilled, the positions in an organizationstructure. This is achieved by identifyingrequirement of work force, followed byrecruitment,selection,placement,promotion,appraisal and development of personnel, tofill the roles designed into the organization
  5. 5. Definition & Meaning of staffingAccording to Koontz and ODonnell, “themanagerial function of staffing involvesmanning the organizational structurethrough proper and effective selection,appraisal and development of personnel tofill the roles designed into the structure.”Staffing is concerned with ensuring thatthe organization has the right number ofpeople and the right kind of people at theright places, at the right time and that they
  6. 6. Importance of Staffing Helps in discovering and obtaining  competent personnel for various jobs. Makes for higher performances, by putting right person on the right job. Ensures the continuous survival and growth of the enterprise through the succession planning for managers .
  7. 7.  Helps to ensure optimum utilization of the human resources. By avoiding over manning. It prevents under- utilization of personnel and high labour costs. At the same time it avoids interruption of work by indicating in advance, the shortages of personnel. Improves job satisfaction and morale of employees through objective assessment and fair reward for their contribution.
  8. 8. Human Resource Management
  9. 9. According to Michael Jucious, Human ResourceManagement is that field of management which has to do with planning, organizing and controlling various operative activities of procuring,developing, maintaining and utilizing a labour force in order that the objective and interest for which the company is established, are attained as effectively and economically as possible and the objectives and interest of all levels of personnel and community are served to the highest degree
  10. 10.  In the words of Edwin Flippo, human resource management is concerned with the procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of the personnel of an organization for the purpose of contributing towards the accomplishment of that organizations major goals and policies.
  11. 11.  Its purpose is to enable every human being working in the organization to make best possible contribution. Staffing is concerned with procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of both managerial and non-managerial employees.
  12. 12. Evolution Of Human Resource Management•In modern business the Human ResourcesManagement function is complex and assuch has resulted in the formation ofHuman resource departments/divisions incompanies to handle this function. TheHuman resource function has become awholly integrated part of the totalcorporate strategy.•The function is diverse and covers manyfacts including Manpower planning,recruitment and selection, employee
  13. 13. •The history of Human ResourceManagement has progressed through theages from times when people were abused inslave-like working conditions to the modernenvironment where people are viewed asassets to business and aretreated accordingly.•The Human Resource function will have toadapt with the times, as staff become moredynamic and less limited in their roles andbound by a job description.•Human resource management has replacedthe traditional concept of labour welfare
  14. 14. •Human Resource Management (HRM) inits present form has evolved from a numberof significant inter-related developments,which date back to the era of industrialrevolution. Emergence of trade unionmovement led to the need of a person whocould act as an effective link between theowners and workers.•Thus, the concept of labour welfareofficer came into being. His role was limitedto the bare minimum welfare activities ofemployees.
  16. 16. Manpower Requirements Compensation RecruitmentPromotion And STAFFING Selection Career PROCESS Planning Placement Performance And Appraisal Orientation Training And Development
  17. 17. Estimating the manpower requirementsIt involves forecasting and determining thenumber and kind of manpower required bythe organization in the future. Themanpower needs of an organization areestimated by keeping in view its presentactivities and future plans such asproduction schedules, demand forecasts,
  18. 18. Recruitment Itmeans identifying the sources of required personnel and inducing people to apply for jobs in the organization. It is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization.
  19. 19. SelectionSelection is the process of choosingand appointing the right candidates forvarious job positions in the organization.In other words, it tis the process ofchoosing from among the pool of theprospective job candidates developed at
  20. 20. Final Approval References Medical Exam Interview Tests Application BlankPreliminary Interview
  21. 21. Placement and OrientationOrientation is introducing the selectedemployee to other employees andfamiliarizing him with the rules and policiesof the organization.
  22. 22. Training and DevelopmentWhat people seek is not simply ajob but a career. Every one musthave the opportunity to rise tothe top. The best way to providesuch an Opportunity is tofacilitate employee learning .
  23. 23. PerformanceAppraisalAfter a period of time all employees areneeded to evaluate their performance.Performance appraisal means evaluatingan employee’s current and/or pastperformance as against certainpredetermined standards and thesuperior is to provide the employeefeedback on his/her performance.
  24. 24. CREDITS Athira Anusha Kajal P Nikhil Rebecca Snehanka Yubeena